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On Monday the 24th of August, you are all officially invited to the City of Trinsic for a whole week of fun events, meeting new people, and of course the impossible task of "World Peace".



The weeks plan;


Monday - Introduction Ceremony: The Duke of Trinsic and the Mayor of Trinsic will both be giving introduction speeches of what we expect the week to include. This will all be taking place around an open bar, with a market at the West Gate of Trinsic. Bar opens from 7PM GMT onward.


Tuesday - Women; Lesser Beings: A pratical lesson in 'women' with a short introduction into avatarianism by "The Western Chapter". Kicks off at 7pm GMT at the Western Gate of Trinsic. I would guess this to be slightly controversial.

Trinsic Fight Night: Show off your skills as a champion fighter in a grand tournament. Winner gets a trophy prize. This will take place on the roof of the building next to the bank connected to the wall, at 8PM GMT.


Wednesday - World Leaders Meeting: Tradition for these types of gatherings, all of the self-proclaimed "World Leaders" are invited to take seat and discuss what their motives are for the current conflicts and if there's anyway for some common ground towards that tranquil place called peace. This will take place at 8PM GMT at the Central Halls.


The Beacon's Grand Paperboy Race: Solve riddles to work out where the papers need to be delivered to. Whoever delivers all the papers correctly in the shortest amount of time, wins a prize. This will be taking place at the same time as the meeting, 8PM GMT. Meeting at the Park.


Thursday - Bagball Tournament: Teams of three will compete against one another in Britannia's favourite sport, Bagball. Winning team will get a cash surprise and a trophy. This begins at 8PM GMT at the Market Square next to Trinsic's docks.


Insult Sword-Fighting: Battle your enemy using the sharpness of not your sword, but your tongue. This follows the Bagball tournament.


Friday - Trinsic's Got Talent: A talent show like all the others. Show off any skills you may have to the judges. Winner gets a huge cash prize! This starts at 8PM GMT at the Market Square next to the docks.


Saturday - Story Contest: Share your stories, most creative one wins a prize. Starts at 7PM GMT at West Gate.


Sunday - Closing Ceremony: We put an end to what hopes to be a great week with a thank you message from the Mayor of Trinsic. Again around an open bar at the West Gate of Trinsic from 9PM GMT.




I encourage you to add your own events to the schedule as what I've put forward is just a foundation for the week. This is a Moot for the people of Britannia, so it is only right that everybody gets involved. If you wish to add an event to the schedule, please reply to this poster with the following information;


Event Name:

Event Description:

Desired Time:


Your ICQ:


All events will be added to this poster, so be careful of clashing events. If you're worried about one event leading into another, just put "To follow the <certain event>".






[OOC: The idea of this event is to also spark conflict between all these hostile guilds crammed into one place. Of course the Duchy are going to get pissed if you start slaughtering each other in the streets, but that doesn't mean we don't want to encourage it happening. It's all part of the fun, and there's no way you can all be situated in the same location for so long and not have tempers fly. If you want to plan your own PvP scenarios while the Moot goes on, feel free. Also the EM's have sort of promised there will be no "forced" events by them, so your Cities shall be safe while you're in Trinsic.]

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You've got the weekend to put forward any events you'd like to add to the weeks festivities. Considering you'll be spending your week in Trinsic, perhaps you'd like to host an event that you might otherwise of hosted in your homelands? Just reply to this thread with your event idea as explained above. Thanks.

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It's Monday, and the Trinsic Moot is about to kick off. So, what's planned for this evenings beginning of the festivities?


From 7PM GMT, the West Gate of Trinsic will play host to the opening ceremony. There will be a bar with alcoholic beverages and small snacks. There will also be a small area designated for market stalls, so if you have wares you'd like to sell, please come along - stalls will be provided.


At 8PM GMT, there will be a special auction hosted by Pierre Le Canard. If you've any items of special value, or historic description and you'd like to auction them off, please bring them with you.


At 9PM GMT, the Duke of Trinsic will welcome you all into Trinsic and say a little bit on what he hopes to get from the week. After that, the Mayor of Trinsic will say a few words outlining a few guidelines for the Moot, and a short preview of what the week will involve.


After all of this, each City, or Group, representing will be let loose into Trinsic to pick their area that they'll like to stay for the week. The Mayor will announce what buildings are not available for people to use, and that there is no "dibs". Whoever picks first, gets it.


I hope you all have fun tonight and for the rest of the week. Remember if you wish to add an event to the week, make sure it doesn't clash with the schedule and just go for it.


Signed, Deacon van Cocidius III.

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With the Moot now in full-swing, the party has well and truely begun. Assassination attempts, torturing, bitching.. we've seen it all and it's only been one day! One can only wonder what's in store for day two.


At 7PM GMT, a highly controversial lesson on women, along with a short introduction to Avatarianism hosted by "The Western Chapter". This is sure to offend many.. Mostly women. This is happening at the West Gate.


Then at 8PM GMT, we have Trinsic's traditional Fight Night taking place at the Market Square. The victor of what will be a challenging tournament shall be presented with a personalised reward.


So it looks like another fun night is in store, sure to stir a few emotions amongst most!


Signed, Deacon van Cocidius III.

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Last nights activities didn't let down in the way of drama. With a murder, several arrests, and possibly more to follow. The Moot is still promising to get even better.


At 8PM GMT, we have The Grand Beacon Race. Hosted by the people behind the famous newspaper of Trinsic, you will be required to form into groups of three and use your wit to write and deliver your own newspaper. The rules will be explained in more detail once you all gather at the West Gate.


Then at 8:30PM GMT, the leaders of the states of Britannia will be required to take a place in the Central Halls for the infamous "Peace Talks". Each leader is allowed to bring one other representative with them, but no more.


It seems after the evenings events, a few parties have been planned to take place around the City, so keep an eye out for them.


Signed, Deacon van Cocidius III.

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Last night was quite quiet in the means of drama. Aside the odd "threat" and such, and what happened during the leaders meeting still oblivious to all, the only fun was the secret Birthday party for Vesperian, Paps Chuck! Happy Birthday Paps. Also apologies for the Beacon Race being cancelled. It seems people would rather moan at each other for no real reason whatsoever. So, onto tonight!


At 8PM GMT, we have Sosaria's favourite team sport, Bagball. Teams of three will battle it out for the Trinsician Championship Tournament (TCT) Trophy!


Then straight after the bagball, we have the "insult sword-fighting" where contestants will head off against each other to blow away their opponents with the sharpness of their foul mouths.


Have fun!


Signed, Deacon van Cocidius III.

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So after last nights bagball championship trophy went to an ill-named team of Yewish, and the Duke of Trinsic being subject to an explosion and poisoning.. What will tonight have planned for us?


At 8PM GMT, we have the "Trinsic's Got Talent".. talent show! Come show off whatever talents you have to the judging audience and win yourself a huge cash prize. All who wish to take place can sign up prior to the show.


Have fun!


Signed, Deacon van Cocidius III.

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So last night, we had "talent" on display last night.. or lack of! Today we've got a slight change of the given schedule! Including Thursday's event that was put off due to how long the bagball took!


At 8PM GMT, we will finally host the "Insult Sword-Fighting" which infact, doesn't include a sword. All you have to do is insult the life out of your opponent for a special prize!


After that, we shall construct a fire and sit around it to share stories! Something nice and easy for a "quiet" Saturday evening.


Signed, Deacon van Cocidius III.

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