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How about a "Where's Adam" contest?

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I think someone suggested this before


I go to a random place, take a screenshot, then people have to submit where they think I am

Or, they go to the same place, take a screenshot, with the radar on show

Something along those lines

Could even do a "Live" event, where I post a screenshot of where I am, then people have to find me in game etc.



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I still think a live one would be fun. Adam goes to hide, takes a screenshot, waits.


You arrive..to find three Paragon Ancient Wyrms, somehow in Trammel, waiting for you.


As you die, you notice three tags.. [Tamed] and Adam laughing..

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I like Riboflavins suggestion..


and if the person doesnt want to do it, the last person do it again.. Till someone els want to.


Adam stands for the prices tho! *Hides*


Or you could make it so that there is a tiny fee to enter after this first competition and the winner takes the house.


Just building on the suggestions we got :)

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Your all noobs! Adam is in my computer, along with the Queen Mum having milk and cookies. They only come out to update your fourms when they have had their fill and feel like it. Other wise they stay here next to the fire with the cat at their feet enjoying fresh baked cookies! :P


*pass around another plate of fresh baked cookies*

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