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The Cloak of Silence - EMs Delivery Schedule Announcement

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Starting today from 5pm to 7pm Pacific (7-9pm CT, 8-10pm ET) at least one of our EMs will be available at the Wedding Chapel office in Tram (located next to the West Brit Counselor Hall) to deliver cloaks of Silence from Dawn to any warriors who did not recover in time to make it from the battlefield to the appreciation celebration honoring all citizens who aided in the defense effort.


Tomorrow (Wed. 8/12) at least one of our EMs will be available at the West Brit Wedding Chapel in Tram a half hour BEFORE (4:30pm PT) and AFTER (6pm PT) the Summer FunFest meeting (5-6pm PT) being held in the Tram Skara Brae Community Center.


This post will be updated if and when more times become available, in the meantime if you see EM StarDancer or EM Eira out and about during your travels on Sonoma stop and chat with them about anything on your mind.


*Location of the EM West Brit Wedding Chapel...


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today, Fri. 8/21, is the monthly meeting with the PvP Club (5pm Pacific) in Fel which means they should be around before the meeting. Will try to find out more...



Caught up with EM Eira and she did say that the handing out process is completed at the hall for now... over 400 cloaks were passed out on sonoma ... amazing! :P


however she did give me a cloak for you so I can pass it on to ya ...

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