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(NEWS) PaxLair Emergency War Meeting

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August 8th, 2009




In Attendance:


Bozydar [TEB], CharGar [F*V], Cherokee [H^TE], Cor Mal'ian, Droop [RAZE],

Gareth [OkuC], Gregur [*V*], Hells Angel, Hudson [DWxC], Lord Mirt [TEB],

Lady TAMINGdeSHREW [TNP], Lord Celestial Knight, Lord Nostadamus [sHE],

Lucien Snow [s*D], Lord Scavenger [uTB], Lazyman [H^TE], Limerence [s*D],

Lady Angelica, Lord Nostadomus [sHE], Lissa Eldi [*V*], Niva The Savage [T_T],

Nanoc [DWxC], Of The Thighs [TNP], Phoenix [DWxC], Raven [FwD],

Savannah [DWxC], Tiny [C-F], Uphir, Vran [DWxC], Wints-Mar [OATH], Yarmond,




A message went out around the world from the PaxLair Statehood. People passed it

along to other friends and guildmates. Those who could attend showed up in PaxOku

city or took the moongate from Luna provided by Lady Tayor [OATH].




Acting Governor Nanoc, Angelica of Luna and Lord Gareth of PaxOku city hosted the event

in the City Hall of PaxOku City. They provided the people come came with information

on the Dragons, Battle plans and Healer areas. Below you will find the information

presented by each person and also suggestions from the crowed.



Lord Gareth:

Thank you all for coming on such short notice.

Id also like to thank Nanoc, and Angelica

for helping throw this together at the last minute.

and to thsoe of you who passed along the message.

This is to discuss and inform you all about the

final battle and what we have setup so far.

With that said ill turn it over to Nanoc the

acting Governor of the PaxLair Statehood.



Mayor Nanoc:

Greetings. We usually have these battle strategy meetings. We have

a history here of different cities from time to time coming under siege. Its

best to get together and talk about the best battle fronts.We have had to

assess rather quickly the tactics needed to fight the invasion. With a plan

maybe we will have better success. You all are battle veterns. We would like

to take some time and hopefully get some plans for the near future so I

shall first try to bring some history. The crimson Dragons and the platinum

Dragons. Were introduced not long ago and they seem to be on our side. As

far as Casca he seems to be heading toward the position of a tyrant and

seems Dawn is here to help us stop that. This is all I have for now.

Lady Angelica will speak about vendors and healers.


Healers Information - Lady Angelica


Lady Angelica:

Thank you.

We have had several enhances bandaids and bandages donated already

and we are hoping to set up a rez center at Angelica's Attic. If we can

keep it clear of spawn. If anyone needs a rune or where it is let me know.

Lord Gareth if you have anything else to add.


Lord Gareth:

We are also looking for people to be healers to keep our forces alive.

As most know we do have the luna healers and moongate You also

will know that everyone seems to insta die after res there. So we are

useing the Angelica's attic to form a healers area. It has been setup with

two anks of Sacrifice already. So we still need bandaids all kinds and kegs

We will run through them quickly so the more the better. See Lady Angelica

or myself to donate, Bandaids, Kegs, Enchanted food and Petals.





Tamers Information - Lord Gareth


If we can find a few to use a Beetle and Mare this would help out tons.

Beetles can hit lower defense on the monsters making them easier for all

pets and warriors to take them down. Also not all monsters have magery

skill and the DP Posion they wouldn't be able to cure.


Another thing tamers can help with is cross healing.

Try to find a few dexers and pull up their health bars.

Obviously keeping people alive longer will help ensure success.


Lady CharGar:

if I may Lord Gareth. Last time the crimsons were here. we used archers,

mages and cusidhes



Hiryus worked ok too.


Lady CharGar:

So the mages would primarily be used for greater heal on the dogs.

Would take 5-6 people at lest. If we had a disco tamers we could use those

on the tormented Minotaurs I guess thats all the info I have. Oh!




Use enchancted Apples!

Use enchancted Apples!

Use enchancted Apples!

Use enchancted Apples!


I cant stress that enough and orange petals.


Melee and Mage Information - Mayor Nanoc



Okay for you melee people and mages. Mages should watch out for guards.

If in guard zone no Evs. The guards are active during the invasion so be careful.

Fields spell to keep invading forces grouped.



I lead them to guards the Skele Drags



Aye good thought. Try and lead what you can to the guards. Melee people

stay away from the tormented Minotaur. Try and lead other invaders away

from if you can. Also remember proper preparation.

Thanks you and goodluck Dragon Speed.







What type of slayer should I use against Minotaurs?

Bovine Slayers


Can we use Dragons?

I wouldnt! Crimson Dragons will unbond your pet and eat it!


What should we use then?

Hyru and Cu.


Where can we put EVs so we don't get whacked?

Cast them down on the East exit gate of Luna. Its unlikely they will

get the chance to go into guards territory.


When and where is the invasion?

We believe it is somewhere between 7-9pm. Our best guess for the

location is East side of Luna or the entire city.


Can you update us on Commander Foxx?

Seems Commander Foxx is going to put down scrolls in Buc's Den.

We are unsure of when.


What about glass daggers?

We haven't heard anything. BUT you can always come prepared.



Just be careful is your carrying it you might infect things. It may be a good

idea to have some handy for the Shadowlords.


Partner up for cross heals?

You should try to partner up with someone to cross heal eachother.

The longer you stay alive the more damage you can do. So try to group

up with someone before entering the battle grounds.


Minotaurs Tip

An alliance member on Baja made an observation when he was fighting

them one on one. He was going fine but the minute a dragon started to

help he was getting one shot killed.The more pets and players attacking

it the more special damage it did.


Where To Meet


Healers meet in Angelicas Attic. It is on the East side of Luna. Marble building by

the main East Luna gate.


Most of PaxLair will try to meet at the second floor meeting area if it is safe.

If not meet at Loopy's at the Fair vendor mall which is located right across

the street from the Luna City Fair Grounds.









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