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Well as a sampire the only spell you cast is vamp form. I generally just carry some scrolls and if I put SS on for whatever reason to use curse weapon I just grab some pig iron (CW only uses pig iron)

The only artifacts I have are the rbc and fey leggings. I don't have much money in game to buy good stuff. I do have a woodland armor set. Figured since I do a have gm crafter I make my own stuff. What is it that I should make and imbue. Thanks for the help. I'm so used to using my tamer. Figured I try this out.

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RBC and fey legs are great starter suit. Also you can imbue the woodland stuff but to do it right will be really expensive.

If you have the folded steels thats great but if you cant afford them the ancient samuria helm will do. So lets do it on the budget build.


Ancient samuria helm, fey legs, RBC. Get a mana phasing orb with 5 HCI DI and LMC if possible.

So far this puts you at 35 DCI 5 HCI and 20LMC and 15% Damage inc. Your weapon will have 40 damage inc on it so that will put you at 55 so you will need 45 between your 2 jewels.

So 30HCI 10 DCI 45 DCI and STR/DEX on jewels is what I would do.


Now you have 3 pieces of armor to gain 10 HCI so you will need to enhance 2 pieces of woodland before imbuing to get 10 HCI (this will eat up an imbuing slot remember we are doing the budget build) and you need to get 20 lmc and stat incs on your armor. Plan this around your resist remember its a budget build but can be a great starter. Would allow you to farm ingreeds to make a top notch suit.


Also weapons would be slayer, mana leech, ssi, di, and i would do stam leech.

For your whirlwind weapon I would replace stamina with hit area effect.

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Hi all, I have just recently came back and play on the Pacific Shard. I have gotten bit by the Sampire and want to try it out. Currently for gear, I have Rune Beetle Chest, Fey Leggings, Ageis of Grace, Soul Seeker, and Stormgrip. I am also using a Tangle for my half apron, Quiver of infinity, and a Talisman that gives 10% LMC.


With no other armor on but this, counting jewels, I have -1 Fire resist :( Is it possible to get my resists up with the other missing pieces of armor? Thinking about getting the fire resist boots 2% and Melissa's Cloak with 5%.


Any help would be appreciated, should I get rid of some of my artificats and replace with something else to help with fire resist?

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Hey Stealth welcome back. I too have returned recently and created a Sampire. Mine only has one arty, the Gladiator's collar, simply so I could max my hit chance increase that I had been lacking. The rest of my gear is imbued to give me max resists with extra in fire, as your fire resist is lowered when in Vampire Form. My gear is imbued with HP / Stam / Mana increase mostly, with some regen thrown in for mana. The reason I run mana regen on armor is because when on a boss that has a low mana pool the mana leech is no longer really effective after they run out of mana, great example is Baracoon. Mind you, I am no pro I am a returning player have been back about a month, just saw no one had replied to you yet so thought id throw in what help i could, see you in game.

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I've got a question as I am a new player and want some details on the Sampire. So recently, I've managed to grab a 100% LRC Suit with some nice Resistances (about ~60 in everything). I've also managed to grab an Axe with like 18-19 base weapon damage, 66% Lifeleech, 12% increased hit chance which works really good for me. Currently I'm at ~70 Swordmanship, ~70 Bushido, ~67 Parrying, ~68 Tactics, ~56 Necro, ~61 Spirit Speak, ~55 Chiv; I'm doing well against all those pesky Ettins in Despise - great place to gather some gold and train skills. My current tactics is to transfrom either into wraith form and use Divine Fury and sometimes Enemy Of One, or sometimes I take the Horrific Beast form and just train my Bushido/Swords/Parry/Tactics. I'm just wondering if I'm doing allright so far? I'll soon push my Necromancy to a higher level with just spamming Horrific Beast. For now I have like 60 Mana but of course I'll reduce my Int once I hit the Stats Cap. I'm also wondering if i could get any better stuff with 50k Gold (which I've collected so far). I'd really like having some more Life Leech + Mana & Stam Leech. My weapon really is okay so far and I can use Whirlwind Attack, but I just need to know how much it will cost to take a step further. Btw: I'm playing on "Europa".

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I use a longsword with no ssi and max mana leech which is 87%. I can chain AI without ever losing mana. Most times I stay at peak mana actually, sometimes I fall below max and very rarely do I ever hit rock bottom.


I do have 20% ssi on my suit though and always keep my stamina at max to swing fast enough.

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Another Sampire Version


1.) 120 Mace

2.) 100 Tactics

3.) 120 Bushido

4.) 120 Parry

5.) 95 Anatomy (play white protection and 100% LRC so anatomy only way)

6.) 65 Chiv /perfekt EO white +30 Jewels

7.) 100 Necromancy


720 Points


110 Str/25 Int/125 Dex white 260 Cap


Got Female (best Elf vor 20 Mana +) then you can solo a lot if you don t forget trap boxes.


Use Black Staffs enhanced white bloodwood for spawn white 30 ssi,25 di superslayer, 50% hit stamania lech, 50 hit mana lech and hammer picks white 30 ssi, 50 hit stamania lech, 68 hit mana lech and superslayer white 25% di for boss.


White reforge and 100% weapons i see potencial to perfect rikktor spawn and semidar white 100% cold weapons white demon and dragon/reptile slayer to safe mana and max damage output.



Mace4Ever !!

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