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Returning to UO, looking for a home

Guest synthesized86

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Guest synthesized86

I'm coming back to Sosaria after many years away, it seems Atlantic is one of the highest populated shards now, I used to play on Pacific back in the day, but I'm trying to start fresh and was wondering what people had to say about things here. I noticed Sonoma has the most forums posts, which may indicate an active population also, but I'm unable to find any real good data/comparisons to shards anywhere, hoping someone here may be able to give me some numbers to work with.


I'm traditionally a mostly PvM kinda person, I don't mind PvP for the excitement, and I've accepted being murdered continuously is part of life in Britannia, but I'd like to be able to hold my own eventually. I'd also like to own a home at some point, and I know real-estate is a bit of an issue.


So what do you guys think? Would Atlantic be a good place for me to begin my quest?


Thanks in advance for your replies and guidance!

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As you can see, I run on all three shards that you mentioned. Pac and Sonoma are very quiet and tend to be easy-going and very social. They also have space for houses. Guilds tend to be less, too.


The reason I opened up shop on Atlantic was that people actually do things to a greater "depth". More talk of skills, tactics, and the activities to foster that. I have learned quite a bit while on Atlantic. Houses are scarcer and choices will be less, but they are there. Getting in to an Atlantic guild will get you many growth opportunities.


Really comes down to what you are looking for. After 8 years, I am still amazed at all the different directions that I have been able to go. I consider UO to be a very "wide" game. It seems that about once a year I delve into a new area.


Probably the biggest concern to me is what shard to place the house. That will be primary shard. The storage of a house is so much more than a bank. Especially when crafting.


Send a PM if I can help,


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I recently began playing on Altantic and find it to be quite a nicely balanced server. There seems to be a good population of players that delve into all facets of play (PvM, PvP, etc) and the market doesn't seem to be terrible either. I was able to place a house without to much trouble.


I just need to find a guild myself.

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