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Returning... Buying Home.

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Guest Kaelem

First of all, Hello All.


I first joined the Atlantic community a few days before the discovery of the Lost Lands.


I was mostly a PvM player, but I occasionally went to hunt reds that were harassing players.

I quit about five years ago. I had a successful tamer/mage and a paladin, but I think I may have sold their pets and better armors, and deleted them, because I found much of their belongings and cash on my crafter.


Anyway, having played WoW and SWG, I feel myself being pulled back to my roots.


I have returned, and I am recreating my tamer/mage, but I may make him a bard this time around. Getting chomped by White Wyrms never was fun.


I am searching for a modest-to-moderate house somewhere in trammel, malas, or tokuno, to store my loot and whatnot.


Send me a message if you've anything to offer, please.


ICQ: 596002061

E-mail: A.brautigan@gmail.com


And if anyone needs any help, you've but to ask!

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