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Garden Designers Affair (EM Event) Sunday, July 26th

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Additional instructions have arrived requesting that gardeners do NOT bring expensive deco such as rubble or deeded items to use for designing. Also, keep in mind that all items used are not guaranteed returnable and that expensive items like rares, semi rares, rubble, spring cleaning items (like the bamboo and yucca trees), holiday gifts, etc., are at the decorators own risk of losing and EM Eira suggest we don't do that as she would feel 'just awful' if something were to happen.


However, in addition to all the plants, we can also use everyday lockdown items like furniture, statues, gems, candles, fruits, vegetables, etc to design the gardens.


Graphic of plants we can use...



Thanks to Stratics, Tower of Roses, UO Guide, and UO Forums for the use of 'plant' pictures from their sites.

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EM Eira will be available this Friday, July 24th, at the Players Reward Museum from 5pm to 7pm Pacific (7pm to 9pm Central - 8pm to 10pm Eastern) for anyone interested in staking a claim for a special garden spot to work on during this Sundays' Garden Designers Affair!

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