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So I thought I would start a thread where we could list guild and alliance vendors out there. It's always nice to keep the spendings in the family, so to speak. If you have vendors, post here with their location and I'll try and update this top thread to include them all.

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I currently have a vendor up at my house. Go to Trinsic gate and run as south from there as you can get. You will hit the ocean, but before you get there there will be a clearing to my house that Vel calls a "highway". It leads straight to my home which is Tokuno themed and has one vendor named "Discount Goods". Cheapest you'll find on Pacific.

Vel also has a Vendor in Luna with the name "Vel's Discount Goods" that has the cheapest prices in Luna. After leaving the gate, go to the south first exit and turn to the right. It's in a white house wearing all white armor. =]

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