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Did they slow skill gain?

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are you need the skill cap? as your character approaches 700 total points (720 for 4 year players) you gain slower.


if so you have a few choices:

1) get your daily gain and just play

2) soulstone/soul fragment off skills until you are are 300 total points, then go kill easy things till you gain what you need/want

3) since you said you are training magery - do you use a mage weapon that lowers your magery, if not find/buy one - maximum if I recall is -30 to magery and the weapon needs to be spell channelling too, so you can cast while it is on your hand. then just go out and kill tons of weaker monsters or cast on anything that walks by.

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Did skill gains become slower since the last time I played? I gained .2 in magery over 4hrs time of constant use and near constant success. This seems a bit unfair. Has this been announced in any patch notes?


For maximum gains, you need to be succeeding 60-70% of the time.


So if you're succeeding nearly constantly, then you need to move up a circle.


The other thing you may try is using a minus skill mage weapon to lower your magery for faster gains.

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Man During power hour you could truck from 75 to 90 then 90-99 then spend a week at 99 until you hit 100, man I miss that. what was the dev's reasoning for changing it anyway? It seems impossible to train any one skill in less than a month


Actually, skill gain is much faster without the power hour, and people wind up actually playing the game more.


You could take a brand new character and turn it into a 6x legendary necro-mage in less than a week of constant play, if you do the exact right thing at the exact right time.

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