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Blue Light Tavern Events & Prizes Information

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PaxOku City

The Blue Light Tavern


The Blue Light Tavern in PaxOku city will be restarting its events at

the end of this month or beginning of next. We have two events being

planned out now. One is an "All Shards Tavern Night" and "Community Zoo"


During these events we will have some great prizes at the end that one or

two lucky people will win. These prizes were donated by Jody and Cali who

have left our game for other adventures.


To have a chance to win a prize here are some of the rules


1. You must take part in the event.

2. You must be there for at least half of the event.

3. If you are a trouble maker at the event you cannot win.

(harassing the staff, customers, doing annoying spells or dumping items etc)

4. If you are banned from the Tavern you cannot win.


Here is a sneak peak at some of these items. Also any forum contests will

now be run by the Blue Light Tavern but, will mostly be gold contests. Again

these are a small number of prizes we are showing you thatyou can win.

We have TONS for you to win. I also posted from smaller prizes to the larger

expensive prizes.



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