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Buying Ultima, really need help

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Ok so I am going to buy ultima and I am wondering if the (Ultima Online™ Eleventh Year Collection) includes the original game and all expansions or none of the games and just these items


Fallen Log

Lamp Post

Hitching Post

Armor Engraving Tool

Earring of Protection

Ancestral Gravestone

Bulk Order Cover

Wooden Bookcase

Snow Tree

Maple Tree

Willow Tree

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The 11th anniversary Token is just for items, no game is included. By the end of summer UO's latest expansion will be out Stygian Abyss, Mondain's Legacy will give you access to the game and all previous expansions.


The new SA client will be free to everyone when it hits, will also have an updated 2d client. Those also should be out this summer and is currently in beta testing.



Oh and welcome to UOFOrums!

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Yes, you would buy the ML Upgrade code to upgrade your account, but if I'm not mistaken, buying the upgrade code also gives you a new account code as well which you could hang onto if you wanted to open another account, give away to a friend, or even sell to another player.


As others have mentioned, however, there is both a new client and expansion coming out this summer which is in Beta. From what I understand, you can treat them as separate released. The new client will be free for download by everyone and usable by everyone.


The expansion, however, will give you access to the Stygian Abyss, to the gargoyle lands, to three new skills, and to playing the race of gargoyles themselves. It has also been stated that you can play this expansion on the 2d client as well if you're not keen on switching clients. Thus it might make sense to play your trial account (which gives you access to everything except the Mondain's Legacy client) and wait to buy the Stygian Abyss expansion rather than upgrading now and buying another expanion in a few months.


It's all up to you, however.

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