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I recently "upgraded" to Internet Explorer 8.


Ever since then, UOForums has been very slow to load pages, sometimes just timing out or, rarely, giving me a database error. Sometimes, the chatbox will be blank as well.


Believe me, I'm no fan of IE8, but eventually a majority of UOF users will be using it within the next year or two.


To isolate this problem, I first tried to uninstall IE8 to test back with IE7 on the same machine. Surprise! You can't uninstall IE8 by conventional means. I ended up using another computer which still, thankfully, had IE7. This computer was on the same subnet and had zero connectivity or latency issues.


I'm not experiencing issues with any other website I frequent while using IE8.


I'm posting this for reasons twofold:

1) Validate by seeing if any other IE8 users are having similar issues with UOF.


2) Posit the idea that perhaps a logging script or function does not understand IE8 as the User Agent and either needs to ignore it's agent signature or throw into "Other" category more quickly, or perhaps have the lookup file updated with IE8's signature.

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Don't use it much. Seemed to take a bit to load at first. I had to login. It gave me an error message, but my user info was shown and it loaded up the black theme. Changed the theme to parchment on bottom. No problems and seems to be loading each forum just fine.

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I turned on "compatibility mode" thinking perhaps there was a js or format parsing issue somewhere but still it drags. A similar issue with Stratics ever since the Big Crash of 2008(forum page will load but takes forever to get the nested tables of the posts to render) pretty much made me stop going there(not to mention UHall, lol).


I'll take a closer look at that specific desktop and see if anything else jumps out at me. Phishing filter is off, maybe Web Slices is slowing things down. I also have Vista SP2 installed, which also just came out recently.


Anyone(*cough* Nok) know how to put IE into debug/logging mode?

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Hey Tancred,


Not sure this will help, but from the Run command copy this in... iexplore -extoff and hit Enter. If nothing else that will load a clean IE without any add-ons.


Could try IE8's "Compatibility Mode". This will use IE's old rendering standards prior to IE8, this is for sites that may have some lingering legacy "IE-only" code in their pages.


Here's is something else to try. Logout of UOF. Then clear IE's cache, and the cookies for UOF. Close IE. Reboot the PC. Restart IE. Login to UOF.


Hopefully one of those helps. ;)

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