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Stygian Abyss Beta Contest! Starts tonight!

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The SA Beta Contest will start tonight at 10PM GMT time and will run for 7 days.

The closing time for entry will be 10PM GMT on Friday the 19th of June, 2009




1) Staff can enter

2) One entry per person.

3) Current beta testers may not enter

4) A geniune willingness to test the new client/game and to submit feedback wherever possible using the private Mythic SA Beta forums

5) Competition will run for 7 days

6) Winners will receive a PM with a unique CODE, which must then be sent to a designated EA/Mythic email address to collect the SA Beta code.

7) There will be three winners picked from the top entries, with a beta code for each winners, plus a set amount of gold for each winning tier (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place)

8) You must be registered to take part in this contest!




1st prize - 1X SA Beta Access Code + 10 million gold on any Western/European Shard (Excluding Siege)

2nd prize - 1X SA Beta Access Code + 5 million gold on any Western/European Shard (Excluding Siege)

3rd prize - 1X SA Beta access code + 2.5 million gold on any Western/European Shard (Excluding Siege)




If you have any problems submitting your entry, or accessing the submission form, feel free to post your problem in this thread, or PM me directly for assistance.


Once you click "submit" on the entry form, your entry will go into a private thread which is viewable only to myself and EA_Mythic reps.


If you forget something and wish to resubmit, please do. (A short PM notifying me of any extra submissions is appreciated however! ;))




I wish to express my thanks to Chrissay for allowing us to run this competition and for providing the winners with the three Beta SA codes


Also wanted to say thanks to Draconi for sending us the questions that he did.


Entry Form


Competition is now over, thanks to all those who entered.

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So how are winners picked again? Is it based on who gets the highest number of correct answers? I gotta be honest, some of those are tough -- I was there when LB was killed by Rainz, but I honestly can't remember how he did it. ;)

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I won't event attempt this quiz, even though I would love a beta key I don't know hardly any of the answers... good questions.


i feel the same, i could only answer 4 of em. though, i was pleased about question #1.....i had total forgotten about it. wish i still had a rune to ...... who ever wins first place......you either need to be hailed as a uo god, or get off that darn comp chair and go play outside somewhere :P



I'm hoping Adam shows the number of correct answers from the top first 5

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Ok the correct answers to each question were...


Here’s part 1 for your trivia. History, and Gargoyles


History and Gargoyles


UO: Pre-alpha


  • What was the special developer area outside the playtest zone called?

    • Hades Playground


    [*]What was the reward for completing “The Quest?”

    • A fire wand


UO: Beta


  • Lord British was assassinated by an infamous PK named Rainz during the beta test. What weapon did he use?

    • A fire field


    [*]How did the beta test end?

    • The Guardian destroyed Britannia with legions of daemons as he invaded the shard following Lord British’s untimely demise


    [*]How did Lord British die at the end of the beta test?

    • He was pushed off his own balcony at Castle British


Ultima Online:


  • What was the full, official name of the first release of Ultima Online?

    • Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy



Ultima: Gargoyles

Name the three Principles of the Gargoyles:


  • Control

  • Passion

  • Diligence


Three famous antagonists from the Ultima series each embody a Principle, name the three.


  • Mondain – Control

  • Minax – Passion

  • Exodus – Diligence


What was the Avatar called amongst the Gargoyles?


  • The False Prophet


What two games in the Ultima series is Stygian Abyss based off of?


  • Ultima VI: The False Prophet, and Ultima Underworld: Stygian Abyss


I'll be posting the winners names later on today.

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