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I discovered a camp full of vermin, and determined to take them on. However, they spawned too quickly, too many paragons, for me to take on alone. I needed backup.


I knew exactly who to call on for help. The ki-rin, defenders of Lord Oaks.


I gathered my army, summoning all who would answer my call. Though some were hesitant, it didn't take much persuading to convince them that this nest of disease-infested vermin needed to be eradicated.




With my army gathered, we marched. The target: The ratman camp, northwest of the Sacrifice moongate.




The ki-rin grew eager, smelling the blood of evil-doers, and we made swift progress across the wilderness.


The instant we struck the camp, the ki-rin flooded forward, slinging spells and neighing wildly, ignoring all attempts I made at orders, but the devastation was total. The ratmen stood no chance.




Several of the paragon mages who had given me such difficulty before appeared, only to be felled by the righteous fury of the ki-rin I had herded here.




One of the paragon mages attacked me, but quick as thought, the ki-rin leaped to my defense, defeating the mage before I could get my first swing off.




I will admit, I grew drunk on gold and power; to see such a mighty army, battling on my behalf, was intoxicating!




I called my guildmates to watch the unbelievable events as they occurred; alas, I was growing too tired to monitor my army, but they seemed to be doing fine without me, and their battle-lust was making it difficult to command them.






I retreated to the Haven bank, to count the gold that the ki-rin had no interest in, and left on the corpses of the fallen ratmen.




Alas, when I returned the day after, the ki-rin had vanished, and a guildmate found me with a grave look on his face. It seems that some beast had stepped in to save the vermin camp, leaving only a pile of ki-rin brains in its wake.


Another day, my foe; and this time, I shall call the unicorns to my banner as well!

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