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UOForums Interviews Chrissay (UO Community Coordinator!)

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Chrissay the UO Community Coordinator took some time out to answer our users questions.


Below is our interview with Chrissay.




How often and what kind of characters do you play UO with?

I play several times a week of about 3+ hours a session. I play a Pally

What's the hardest part of being the UO Community Coordinator?

The Five on Friday questions. Sometimes I don’t receive enough questions or finding the good balance of questions.

What's your favorite part of being the UO Community Coordinator?

I love communicating with the player base. This goes all the way back when I first got into customer service. There’s a certain feeling you get when you help someone resolve an issue that they are facing.

Why are the ways information is shared with the community so inconsistent? One never knows where to look for information. We have uoherald and the patch screen, but often it is necessary to dig through the stratics forums. This is not real good for casual players. Do you intend to bundle these information better in the future?

Right now the way everything is set up it’s like 1999 (starts humming the party like it’s 1999 song). However, I do have an overall plan that will address the organization of information.


The way it is now it’s oldschool HTML like back in ’99 and seems like it hasn’t been updated since then. So the patcher and the patch notes are currently managed by editing them through HTML. I then forward them on to the web team for them to post on the site (if there’s a typo or a change rinse and repeat). It’s difficult to update the patcher information due to the process unless its patch notes or a game stopping issue. Right now all important information will be posted on the Herald.


You will probably see many of the changes happen after the SA launch. Many of the resources needed to make these changes are tied up with the expansion.

How do you (and the team in general) manage to keep motivated as there seems to be more complaining than positive feedback? Quite unjustified though, by the way.

Believe it or not regardless of the industry this will happen. People in general will take the time to leave negative feedback instead of positive feedback. This is where you have to have thick skin to realize that it’s not YOU that they are upset about it’s the situation. When you learn to separate that out you can focus more on taking care of the situation and preventing that feedback in the future. You stop looking at it as “negative feedback” and you start looking at it as “ways we can improve”. Don’t get me wrong we enjoy receiving the positive feedback too.

What is your personal favorite thing to do in UO, PVP? PVM? Plant grower? What makes UO Fun for you other then the community is more the question here?

I like to PvM and try to get really cool items off of monsters and such. Great, now the pvp and siege players are saying “our community coordinator is a care bear” well “care bear stare right at ya” hehe. Don’t worry I poke Sakkarah and Draconi for pvp stuff since they’re the experts when it comes to pvp.

How many years have you been in the Gaming industry? What in your opinion are some of the changes you'd like to see with UO?

I’ve been in the industry almost 4 ½ years. Wow, it sounds so different when you say it out loud. As far as changes to UO I think the current team is on the right track to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing right now.

Are there any more plans in the works for contests like the brit bank renovation?

Sure give me some ideas

With the creation of the Community Spotlight on Fridays and the popularity of the RSS feed added to Live Events page... would it be possible to a similar Community Spotlight page (listing the current and past CS issues) linked in the site menu and with a RSS feed?

This is an idea that I’m exploring with the herald. We have limited resources (due to the expansion) so I try to utilize the them in the best way possible. We are exploring a sorting button for the herald so you can sort through patch notes, community news, and other news posts to the herald.

What are your goals for the UO community over the next coming months?

My short term goal is to update the playguide with the Stygian Abyss content. My long term goal is to keep the UO herald site growing. This means incorporating a lot of the archived pages from the old site, updating the Herald with news, and keeping the playguide up to date. Maybe squeezing in a couple of hours of UO in there just for the heck of it.

Can you talk about your history as a Community Coordinator? Such as other games and communities you've been involved with, and how you came to Ultima Online?

I think my first step toward community was customer support and being an in game GM. I’ve also worked with the community team at Pogo.com and helped host different events. Yes they have live events on Pogo.com. I also branched off from EA for a few months to work at a startup company on a title called “Upshift Strikeracer”. Shortly after I started there I was offered the development position with UO that I couldn’t turn down. Now here I am in my dream job as the Community Coordinator for UO

C'mon, just between us... who has the messiest cubicle or office on the UO team?

*looks around* How about them TB Lightning?

And of course the traditional interview question... what is your favorite grilled food and what do you like to wash it down with?!

Ok now this is a tough one as I’m the grill master of the house. When I have the chance I love grilled steak and lobster. But being in Virginia there isn’t much of a choice for lobster so I go with shrimp a lot. I would wash it down with a Yuengling in the summer and a red wine in the winter. (yes you can grill outside when it’s 20 degrees)

Chrissay “Adida” Zeeman

UO Community Coordinator




Thanks Chrissay for a great interview!

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