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How can an old player have fun in UO again?

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hello!!! I've been wanting to join UO for the longest time but awhile ago, I went back to find UO verrrry unfamiliar.


I'm considering playing in Siege Perilous, which is quite challenging but also very new. I noticed that Britain is deserted now (sad)... What do players do now? Where do they hang out? Do for fun? Make money (don't say killing bosses because that is way too advanced for me!)

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I think you will find more players around Luna bank.. From what ive heard its the new place.


Myself dont play since a while back.. but for money .. i sadly need to say Bosses.. It made the best money but there are ofc other ways.

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Luna on Siege is a dangerous place indeed. You could even get attacked while under guard protection.


But you will find people there.


I don't play Siege much myself, but here are a couple good resources for contacting others:

Stratics SP forum


And important SP links thread on stratics


Pay close attention to the link to the NEW guild forums. That's the guild you really need to get in touch with while you're adjusting yourself to life on SP. They can get help in all walks of life, from people to hunt with to things you need to get started. I don't know how to get in touch with them in game, but I've heard that everyone on SP tries to make finding NEW easier. The population there isn't high enough to alienate new players.

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NEW is a fantastic way to lay the social foundation for success on Siege.


They help their members train a character up, and eventually find a guild to call home.


My friend asked me the same thing about Siege...he found the server all but abandoned.




There are no guards in Britain...I was killed several times right at the bank before I finally gave up on banking there...you will never see anyone at britain bank for this very reason.


The Luna bank has guards. Well...it's not that simple. Murderers are allowed in town. They can also attack and kill you often in one hit. They know where they can and can't do it out of the NPC line of sight to call guards. If you are out of LoS at the bank in Luna, you will be killed and looted, and often the person brings along a blue friend, so that if they get guard whacked while looting you, well their friend just loots the items off of them.


To make a long story short, Siege has a very healthy population. 10+ people running champ spawns is commonplace, and if you look at the top ten guilds, you will see that a lot of players play (especially when you consider that on Siege it's one character one account, unlike on production where people commonly stick all their characters in the same guild).


...it just doesn't hang around the bank, which is widely regarded as a deathtrap.


The rules are very different here, and the NEW guild will teach you all of that. It's a must! You're going to wind up face down in the muck at the hand of an unscrupulous PK no matter what you do, might as well save yourself some trouble.


Outside of the top 5 shards, Siege is no different in population than any of the others. Even though Siege has 1/3 of the population of atlantic online at any given time, atlantic has 2 facets of everything, whereas Siege is one unified world. It will feel bigger and more populated once you know where to look. Hiding and stealth are taken on most characters here...trust me, there are people everywhere, a lot of the time you just don't see them ;)

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Oh. My. God!!!


Your description of Siege gave me the chills. I just love that type of excitement and danger. Ah-ha! So banks are avoided because of danger.


If there is a healthy population, I'm so going to play there. I like the struggle :)

I've been collecting reagents from the ground... I feel so resourceful.

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The guards are I believe still turned OFF in faction towns from the last *storyline* of invasions by the development team. While those invasions of monsters may be halted atm, the story may not be over...or they just forgot to turn the guards back ON in those faction cities. Those would be Brit, Minoc, Trinsic, Vesper, Skara Brae, Moonglow, etc. etc. main 8 faction towns. I believe it is only 8.


Luna is a ghetto on any shard lol, hate it myself, but for entertainment despite the risks you may want to log on and hit Luna in the evenings to see whom is killing whom whom is sneakin around playing a thief stealin from others at the Luna Bank and just watch the show usually prime time evenings sometimes early mornings are busy there too.


Umbra is non faction as well lots of shops there too and players oft shopping.


Zento is not a faction town, island of Ocllo is non faction, not much happening on Serp. Hold there is a public moongate in a nw top building warrior hall that goes from Brit to Serp. Hold and back.


Siege has dark wisps they be fatal to ya and many of us. They are speedy. :)


Do try to join NEW guild it is good for 30 days or a bit longer. Many of the shard's guilds donate items to NEW guild and some guilds take NEW members out on hunts or to some player run events.


Collect all the wool ya see on sheep make cloth SELL cloth post it on siege stratics forum and you will start making gold faster. Any resources will sell to others there to help you get more gold in ye bank.


And even those whom pk you, say hello in ghost form and maybe you will make a friend :) or not. haha depends whom the pk is...some more sociable than others.


Also do not fear just banking what little you have and go earn ye self a death robe ie get killed ...robe be sort of like a blessed outfit and go EXPLORE all over different hours see whom is out there whom kills ya or not whom says hi or not...etc. ie get to know the shard by being a walking dead man or woman ie target....:) good way to get to know folks really. And yes many have high hiding and stealth...they see YOU but, chances are.. you will not see them. :) And do not let every *red* name make ye quiver in fear, some be friendly some not...ditto for any blue never feel that *Safe* that a blue won't kill too. My own chrs. are primarily crafters there...they are NON AGGRO so ya need not fear any of my chrs. I say hi to folks even when I am DEAD... being crafters chrs. as mine are, any one of em out there even them whom kill my chrs.,, just could be a customer needing me wares next time they see me, ...or not. lol

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