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A disturbing message from Deveriath Fa'eal (OOC):

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KT Devirath ‎(00:35):

Hello there; this is the REAL owner of this UO and ICQ account. I wish to inform you that the person you were in contact with before was not the legitimate owner; and will no longer be able to be reached through this ICQ; also the Characters that may or may not be involved in Storylines or Guilds will be removed and returned to their rightful places. Thank you for your time.



I'm not sure what to make about this, I've always thought that the player behind Deveriath have been a honest person. So I'm quite chocked to see something like this happen. Hopefully it's only temporarily. But I'm not sure if we're to be optimistic about it..

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Yeah.. it was all one big mess with an ex-roommate who had my password (due to a shared account). He got on deleted a few of my characters and even managed to get onto my ICQ (used the same pass; that's changed now.) All is fixed, aside from the deleted charries obviously. Hope you're not too confused. And, I WILL be back!



- Jason; player of Deveriath

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