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Blue Light Tavern Event 3/30/09 (Clomp a Orc)

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The Blue Light Tavern will be hosting mini events from now on. These events will be fun and wont be to hard to run (Which is what we need) The event will start at the Blue Light Tavern.


9:20pm EST Tonight 3/30/09


Clomp a Orc will be a mini 45min event. Rules are very simple. We will go to an Orc location and whoever kills the most orcs in that time wins. The prize will be a trophy for the winner displayed in our new trophy room and a item or gold prize. I havn't decided the prize yet.


So come on outy and have some fun. Drinks and Food will flow before and after the event.


The Blue Light Tavern is located on the island of Homare-Jima towards the center of the city. It is an 18x18 with two blue lamp posts in front and small hedges with archery buttes in front of it.


The BLT would like the thank Sinthe and Sinhi for suggesting the great event.


(They are savages in the city so if you ever want to RP a savage let them know and Niva the Savage.)



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