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I am looking for screenshots and ideas for an upcoming torture chamber I have in mind. The difference between the one I hope to make, and the more stereotypical one, is that this torture chamber belongs to a group of generally "good aligned" knights who use the chamber in great need; especially when gathering information from captured cultists and evil-doers (whereas most torture chambers I've seen are designed for evil players).


Any thoughts?

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What size room are we working with? I have a few ideas I could put together in my house


I am thinking that it will be, more or less, about the same size as a one room house. It will be on the bottom floor of his customized keep. I am thinking, stout whips, beds of nails, and iron maidens are appropriate; but you won't be seeing any sacrificial alters or pentagrams.


I definately anticipate setting up a chair with a rope on top, and an old-style set of tinkers tools and a hammer. Ooo, that would be fun.

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Placing a small forge and some kind of metal impliment (tongs, pig iron etc.) can be pretty nifty for branding the torturee. If its a good-guys' torture chamber I imagine it would be quite a small and spartan thing, as its a room for grim necessity, rather than morbid enjoyment. So the less you put in there the better.

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Barrel of bloody water - even torturers gotta wash their hands.


A bit gruesome, but get 3 dye tubs some dye and a ball of yarn*. Dye two of the tubs red (blood), and one blue. Drop the blue on where you want it. Drop the other two on top of it. and raise/lower so that you get a barrel of blood. Dye the yarn red and use it as spillage.


*There are, I believe, 3 yarn graphics. One should have a ball with a string pointing down - use this one (or any other as you like).


This is not mine, though I did build one. Takes up only one space, and you can walk through it. You will have to try whichever order of operations suits you - I forget if the yarn comes first then all on top of it or what.

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