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When to rely on guaranteed gain?

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I am mainly asking about inscription, but also in general... at what point do you give up working a skill in favor of the GGS? At 91.9 right now. Debating whether to grind out and lose materials or just work a bit for .1/day to GM. That would be... 81 days?!?

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For me, any skill that maxes at GM I grind it. Essentially, get it over with, the material cost is still "relatively" minor in proportion to the skill gain. For certain skills that go to 120 (taming) I live off of GGS' once I hit around 114-115. Most of the rest I'll grind...there are a lot of skills capping at 120 that really aren't that bad. It's just a few, and THEY are the ones that I simply write off as a time investment. FWIW.

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