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Hello again, Mr. Blue Screen!

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Ugh. Sometimes when I play Warhammer Online, my computer crashes. Not immediately, but after extended sessions, here's that whirring sound and then that darn blue screen. Turn power off.... turn back on. Play again.... again!


Not everyday, mind you. But often enough.

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Also... i would make sure the inside of your computer is not full of dust. If you hear a whirr usually it means a fan is having a hard time for cooling. The item gets hot and causes an internal error. :)


My thoughts exactley. Make sure your computer is free of dust and all fans are working, including Video card fan if you have one. Also blow out the power supply unit and check fan.

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Blowing dust can sorta help, but it can also cause very small, almost microscopic clumps to form. For production systems, I always kept extra fans on-hand for when they die. Sure the vendor will RMA them to you, even if it's just the fan, but production systems can't stay down for a day while FedEx works it's magic. High-end stuff usually has replaceable air-filters over the air inlets and can easily be done at-home too provided you make sure the airflow is adequate or the filter is extra-wide.

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