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Selling Ultima Gold 0.85 per mil, trust who verified!

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I am looking to get 0.85 per mil on LS, $1 per on other shards (100mil min on other shards). I know "uomart" was selling it at .55 per, but even they are charging .90 per now. I am trust who verified on markee dragon! so if you do not want to put in a CC on a website and want to deal with someone who has been around, then let me know! =)


(reason it's $1 on other shard is because I have to transfer over there)


I do understand people hate when someone sells gold for less than a $1 per mil, but I just have my linited supply and when it's gone I'm done selling it



ICQ: 78881350

AIM: Deriums

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the gold is now $0.75 per! and I know people are afraid of buying gold, I will show you that I am markee dragon verified, give you my phone number if you wish to talk on the phone, or even set up an ebay auction (split the fees). any questions please ask!

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