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Our Time Is Coming: Seeking Baja's Lost & Lurking Roleplayers

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Greetings and Salutations, my friends and fellow Sosarians! *Smiles Warmly*


I need your help. That is, should you be willing to aid an old (and probably senile) roleplayer on a task of some importance. I seek the contact information and whereabouts of Baja's last few remaining roleplayers, along with information regarding the communities to which they belong and the lords they swear fealty to. I have long found, since my return little more than a years past, that many members of Baja's long and storied roleplaying community still login from time-to-time. In fact, many of them still login with some regularity; seeking to ensure their homestead still remains, even when they are no longer there to maintain it. Often, they are but the last member of some very old and once more glorious band that has fallen from greater heights in recent years. In running into a few such folks, and having the opportunity to speak with them about their experiences; I've found that they were very much like I was during my extended leave. They exist under this impression that - because their own community has dwindled down to nothingness and our voice as a community no longer rings so loudly or so often here on Stratics - that we must be an extinct breed. Therefore, many of them return to the same state of activity from whence they came, having no knowledge of the other roleplayers who might too be thinking they are the last of their kind.


Its my personal goal to do something about that. I must clarify my intentions, though. I am not here seeking to recruit anyone, or to move an old rolepayer from their own guild into mine (although roleplayers are certainly welcome on the Baja Roleplayers Stone). Instead, I encourage them to remain steadfast stewards of their own guild stones and communities; in the hopes that one day they can be there to welcome the return of their lost kinsmen. My purpose is to bring these - the Baja Roleplayers - togeather in a network of contacts and information; so that we can once again resume the deep interactions and the legendary stonelines that were once the hallmark of our shards player-run communities.


Soon, our voices and our stories shall once more be heard amongst the halls of both UOForums and Baja Stratics!


So, if you are one of these individuals - a roleplayer from days long past, or happen to know where I can find one - please contact me with such information. I would greatly appreciate it.


Yet, let it not be said that I extend my hands only in friendship to the cobwebbed and dusty remains of communities gone-by. I too, can attest to many encounters with various individuals - often newer players, or those who have never even realized that there once existed a vibrant roleplaying community on our shard before the Age of Shadows - who will suddenly imitate me; assuming in-character traits and emoting their actions while speaking with Nicholas the Old. I must have that effect on people. *Grins*


To those curious about the art, it can be a fun and enjoyable activity - similar to acting and improv - for those who like a good story. You could say that we, as roleplayers, become the story and live it through out various incarnations. Truely, roleplayers are not some isolated sect sitting around a tavern hearth, speaking in "thees" and "thou arts" over a pint (although that does sound good right about now). Instead, we engage in all those same activities as any normal player; just adding varying degrees of that extra-flare and immersion. Its something that anyone, from any guild or community, can participate in and enjoy. Baja's roleplaying community never was (and never will be so long as I have anything to say about it) some exclusive club accessable to only the snobs and elitists of the roleplaying world. We're all about having fun, and no-one who truely wants to roleplay with us shall be turned away. Come up. Engage us. We shall certainly respond. Just don't ask me if I am an NPC, or I will slap you.


If this is something that sounds interesting to you, I hope to speak with you. Over the next couple of weeks, you shall be hearing more of my plans right here on Stratics and UOForums. You might say that I have planned a party of...oh, special significance? *Smiles mischeviously, ducking out of the way as WildStar attempts to grab him*


In addition, I seek the tomes and player-created fiction of our shard. Baja once was the host of several libraries - in Dawn, in Avalon, amongst the various Ranger Guilds (such as the Rangers of the Realm), in Ravenshire, in Shadowfel and the Dark Tower, and elsewhere - containing bookshelves brimming full of player-created lore. Alas, that some of it has been lost over the years with the demise of many of these libraries. My hope is that some of you might still posess copies of some of these books, having them tucked safely away somewhere. Should any of you have such literature, I am seeking copies to be added to both my Baja Historian Library (currently under construction, as I have nearly 350 books to make sure are leafed, and organize by catagory). Copies shall also be distributed to the Royal Library in Dawn, and the Duchesses Library outside Umbra (right next to Lord & Lady Courages Quest Item Museum).


Warmest Regards,


Nicholas the Old

The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance

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