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It was a chilly morning as I awoke, no surprise as I live in the hidden mountain slopes overlooking Luna. I gathered myself and took to my shop. There was a lot of work to be done today and I wanted to get to it. I grabbed my tools and checked my shelves for the wood I needed. It was only then that I realized the wood was gone; I had used it on a project just the day before.

“Not a problem,” I thought to myself, “I’ll just head over to Yew and chop some fresh wood.” Using a little magic my father taught me, I focused on the rune to Yew. “KAL ORT PAR,” I chanted and instantly the scenery started to sway. As my stomach slowly returned to normal, recalling always makes me ill, I noticed the town of Yew stretched out before me.

I walked over to the local stables to get my pack animal. Not a horse or even a llama, no my Dad gave me something special, A Big Bug. As if I didn’t get enough grief from the Guilds already. In defense of the bug he does carry a lot more then a horse and I can even ride him if I get tired, but it’s hard to be taken seriously riding into town on a giant cockroach.

Riding off into the Yew forest on my Neaderbug, I started checking my gear. Didn’t want to get to far in just to find out my axe is dull or my plane is broke. I must have been really intent upon my pack because I never saw it coming, and believe me it was not hard to notice.

Pushing through the Yew trees as if they where stalks of wheat was the largest lizard I had ever seen. Almost as tall as the yew trees and just as thick, this lizard was huge. It’s scales where bigger then Lord Brit’s Order shields and if not for how dry they looked I would have sworn they where covered in blood.

As it walked past me the air seemed to crackle with electricity. I told myself, “Run you idiot,” but my feet wouldn’t budge. Even my giant beetle, shaking violently underneath me, couldn’t move. It drooled terribly from a mouth littered with spear length teeth and everywhere its drool hit hissed as if it was in a frying pan.

As what felt like hours went by the creature slowly made its way off into the forest. Only when I could just barely see the tip of its spiky tail was I able to spur that giant bug into action. “Get your big buggy butt moving,” I screamed as we ran from the beast.


Finally stopping abruptly under a rather small Yew tree, I hate low branches, we finally caught our breath. As the ache in my muscles, and my head, slowly subsided I remembered my runes. Mounting my roachmobile, I called out the words to recall me home. Soon my familiar mountain home was in view, as well as my breakfast, God I hate recalling.

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