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I spent the last year and a half not feeling it for UO. My old guild was gone and good people left the game and I was wondering if I would stick with UO as I have for nine years. I read this forum for a long time without jumping in. But the passion of this board's members has really inspired me and I find myself having more fun. No need to respond. Thanks to each and every member.

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I moved the GRI boards to the UOF... knowing its potential.


It focus on community and positive feedback...

It has great moderators...

It has many players that learnt to be constructive (and a few less that tried to flame the boards and got the kick in the arse)

It has cookies and Adam... Gnomy and many others...


Guess it became part of my online family.


Merry Christmas!

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Personaly I came back to uo after 4 years and was completly lost. That's not to say I'm not still lost but it had become a chore to log on and raise my stats. It wasn't till I found UOGuide and by association UOForums that I began really enjoying the game and finding people who not only share my intereasts but in some ways my very state of mind.


For that I would like to thank Adam and all of the rest of the people who make this site happen.

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I have to agree with the above posters. The community here on UOForums is second to none. I have met several great individuals through here, and find myself enjoying the game much more. The people here are so much more helpful and positive than other UO Community Sites.


I appreciate Stratics too, but everytime I go to their message board I get depressed. There is just too much negativity.

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