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Hello All!


Since I’m avoiding some dreaded paperwork today, I figured I’d do a quick assessment of each of the replica items. This is a quick hack at how valuable they might become, not in terms of gold value but in terms of ‘every account must have at least one.’


Obviously, people like me who play to collect simply must have one of each, no matter how useless. But what of the rest of the player base? Which of these items are a ‘Must Have One’ or ‘Must Have One Per Character.’


[For the record, I’m not including mule crafters in the latter category.]


Let’s begin:


Djinni's Ring [Replica]: int +5, sdi 10, fc 2

- Must Have One: The SDI is decent and otherwise unavailable on normal monster loot, but by no means will the serious set of gear include a Djinni’s ring. EDIT: This has FC 2, which is not obtainable on any other ring. That alone will make it worthwhile to several folks, in conjunction with the Lt.'s Sash (thanks for pointing that out, Lycanthropy!). Possibly upgrade this to "one per spellcaster character."


Embroidered Oak Leaf Shroud: +5 stealth

- Must Have One: Thieves and stealthers will find this invaluable, particularly since it is clothing and can be blessed.


Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica]: (boots) int +4

- Must Have One Per (Mage) Character: Invaluable and arguably more important than the other boot bonuses available. The lesser +int boots are Collectors Only.


Gauntlets of Anger [Replica]: hpi 8, hpr 2, dci 10, 4/3/5/6/5

- Collectors Only: Back in the day, it might have been considered uber because of the otherwise unavailable bonuses. Given the existence of the Darkwood Suit and the Crimson Cincture, this is Dreck. Plus, the resists are awful and cannot be enhanced.


Fang of Ractus [Replica]: (Green Kryss) Spell Chan. No Neg, 20% Posion Area, 5% Hci, 5% Dci, 35% Di, 15% Posion Resist

- Collectors Only: About as attractive as Serpent’s Fang, but less useful. DCI is unique, but not practical on a weapon this crummy.


Orc Chief Helm [Replica]: (light green orc helm) self repair 5, hpr 3, 100 luck, hci 30, 23/1/23/3/5

- Must Have One: HCI at a level unattainable elsewhere and decent mods to boot. Not spellchanneling, however, and other headpieces are more flexible.

Royal guard survival knife [replica]; Spell Chan. No Neg, Luck 140, EP 25%, LR 50%, UBWS

- Must Have One if only for the luck bonus: allows a char to reach 220 luck with the Order Shield from Vesper equipped and have better mods than Jaana’s Staff. Niche characters relying on EP for damage boosts will want one, too


Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard [Replica]: (body sash) MR 2, LRC 10, Int +5

- Must Have One Per Character. This has the very real potential to replace the ubiquitous Quiver, particularly for magic users. Which is good, because my mage feels silly wearing a quiver.


Samaritan Robe [Replica]: (green robe) physical resist +5

- Must Have One Per Character: Replaces veteran robe rewards, which makes me sad. Blessable, which breathes yet more fuel onto the flames of rising CBD prices.


The Most Knowledge Person [Replica]: (green hooded shroud) hpi 5

- Collectors Only: Decent and possibly ranked higher if not for the existence of the Samaritan and Necro Robes. Plus, they might eventually correct the grammar error :P


Calm (halberd) hit ml 75, sp chan. no neg, 10 hci, 20 ssi, 50 di

- Collectors Only: Bad weapon, slow, two handed…shall I continue?


A Necromancer Shroud [Replica]: (shadow robe) cold resist +5

- Must Have One Per Character: If you need to fill the gap in your armor with cold resist instead of physical resist, this is your answer. Will replace vet reward robes and may see more use than Samaritan Robe, since Cold is frequently tougher to max out.


Shroud of Deceit [Replica]: (gray bone tunic) resisting spells +10, 3 hpr, 11/6/18/15/13, mage armor

- Must Have One: Situational. When I thought this was a “Shroud,” I thought it was massively overpowered and the new chase rare. Now, it’s merely interesting. Because it’s mage armor, it will see some use. However, I think Faction RBC is better.


Captain John's Hat (Unique Dread Pirate Hat) Swords +20, Dex +8, NS, HCI +15, 2/6/9/7/23

- Must Have One: Excellent training and twinking item. Low resists limit use, particularly with so many good pieces available for the head slot.


Crown of Tal’keesh [Replica]: (bandana) same stats as Hat of Magi

- Must Have One Per Character: Unless you’re in factions. In which case, you’ll prefer the faction Hat of the Magi (there is one, isn’t there?). In any event, this is one less reason to bother with Doom and I think it was a poor choice to include this in the list of available items. I still want them, though.


Pacify [Replica]: (pike) hit ml 75, sp chan. no neg, 10 hci, 20 ssi, 50 di

- Collectors Only: See ‘Calm’ discussion


Brave Knight of the Britannia (White Katana), HLL 22, HSL 48, Harm 26, SSI 30, DI 35, fire 40/cold 30/poison 10/energy dam 10%, 255 durability

- Collectors Only, possibly Must Have One: There are much better swords out there


Gladiator’s Collar (platemail gorget)hpi 10, hci 10, 18/18/17/18/16, mage armor

- Must Have One; Could be upgraded to One Per Warrior. Massive resists and mage armor make this more attractive than the Jackal’s Collar, perhaps. HCI 10 helps it out a lot in this respect; without it, this would just be a piece of good-not-great tank armor.


(What items did I miss?)





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My thoughts, short version:


Lt sash and detective boots: I definitely would like to have one of these on my warriors as well as mages. The int bonus is great for chaining specials and they don't take up slots used by other items. The boots aren't so critical for my mage, who uses snake skin boots for a VERY critical 2% poison resist.


For the rest, including the deco items, I'll likely sell them ASAP to buy other things I've been waiting for forever.


And the only replica I can think of that you forgot is the Oblivion's Needle. (stamina leech 50, HCI 20, DCI minus 20, stamina increase 20, DI 40) That one I only see useful for ninja.


Crown of Talkeesh: VERY important for my pirate, who is limited in head gear to bandana, skull cap or pirate hat. And I don't like pirate cap, so he's currently using a burglar bandana. My mage already has (and doesn't use) a magi hat, so the crown is less important.


Gladiator's collar: probably won't replace my Jackal's. I want the dex increase too much.


Captain John's hat: Since my swordsman isn't a pirate, any CJH I find will go directly to a guild-mate.


Orc Chief Helm: Again, directly to a guild mate. Haku, if you're reading, if I find this one, it's yours! (orcish pirate indeed!)

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dont sleep on the djinn ring :o


it opens up a lot of bracelets and works great with the potm


get a 3 fcr bracelet, use that new sash...a fcr 2, 10 dci new spellbook...got FCR 5, FC 2 right there, all ya really need for a mage


the downside is book can be disarmed so you could use an inquis res :( lol for the FCR...or maybe a chaos shield ;D


2 FC on a ring is pretty crazy to me, especially with that new sash


between the Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard sash and the Crimson Cincture, i am going to be so out suited now lol :(

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Mags ... btw good luck getting 'one per character'. The drop rate is fearfully low in tram.


Sheesh. After a few dozen champs I only have received one SOT; .4 ninjitsu.


I got you beat. I finally got my first SoT, and it was 0.1 poisoning.


That's right, I got a Guaranteed Gain.




At least I got to see what the other people received. The Ophidian Mage statue was nice.


The biggest insult: I worked the Oaks spawn with another person from nothing to near the end when six other people showed up (ghost camming in Ilsh? I would have never suspected until now... It happens uncomfortably too much). One of the six who killed 2 serpentine dragons and Oaks received the Orc Chief Helm.


I think the system doesn't work as advertised.

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Ghost camming is the use of a stealther or a ghost in order to spy on a spawn to see when the spawn level is high enough to minimize the effort it takes to get the reward. They're typically used to plan for raids in Felucca champion spawns. For example, no matter which spawn we tried in Felucca this past weekend (several locations), whenever I got to the last tier, suddenly members of a certain guild would show up, kill us all and finish the spawn.


Typically, a few easy-to-take measures can help reduce the ghost camming activities, such as revealing and killing stealthers in several spawn areas (not only the one you plan on attending) followed by exorcisms.


And we're trying to split our spawning into several areas. Usually I choose a location and several of our guild mates follow me wherever I feel like going. In the last several days, we've done a couple Tokuno spawns, three Merkatus spawns an Oaks spawn and a bunch of other Ilshenar spawns. I'm really getting to enjoy Semidar (demon spawn) and will go out of my way to attend any Rikktor spawn (only item I really want is Rikktor specific).


And I'm sure people will encourage paragon AW's at Oaks if you can lead it that far. That spawn takes a long time with only a couple of people.

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I'm going to be following you guys around abit from now on since no matter what I do I always end up at a Spider spawn, bad luck I guess. I would love to get something but the hunt is more fun to me mostly. If Tim is on in Alli chat give me a heads up on any spawns your hitting. And also if you could let me know which temp is best for what I would appreciate. getting sick of maxing smith all day.

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