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Gnomys Christmas Competition (500k gold prize!)

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This is a design competition and I will be the judge.


3 things that need to be in this picture/art of yours


1, a gnome


2, something christmas like


3, something new years eve like



I will judge on the following: Layout, Color Themes, Humor, Fitting Effects(I dont want to see overdone effects from photoshop).


Size: Its up to you, just remember I will judge on layout soo too small or too big will make it 10x harder for you.


It can ofcourse be screenshot of uo that you then crop the screenshot to the size you want. But if you do it in UO be sure to follow the lines ive written.


The Competition will end 31/12 2008 and the winner will be announced when I get back from my Christmas/New Years eve travel and he/she will get 500k UOF gold.


Post your entries in this thread. If the files are bigger than UOF standard use a outside filehost as photobucket and link them.


Good luck and a Merry Christmas to you all!






Ps. If you got any opinions/questions about this Competition, Do PM Gnomy, NOT Adam or any other Admin/moderator. The Competition is privately run and UOF crew got nothing to do with it. Remember it is for our own fun in Holiday times.)

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