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Whats the best way to gain Anatomy & Tactics on a Archer?

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I'd like to get my Anatomy & Tactics both up to 120, what is the best way to do so?


Is following the guide the most efficent way to do it?


(110.1 - 120.0 - blade spirits, energy vortexes, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), rotting corpses, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs)


or is there a better way?


My Tactics is a little over 112, Anatomy is a little over 111, Archery is already at 120.





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Never tried the golem method, but whatever you use, the main thing youre after is as many bow shots as fast as possible, not damage. Since you already hit 120 Archery, Tactics and Anat will just be passive gains. I'd invest in a repeating crossbow with some good swing speed increase on it and pack up several thousand bolts.

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I used a swordsman at the Lizardman spawn in despise. I piled on as much HPR as I could, found the best SSI, low damage weapons I could lay hands on and just let 8 of them beat on me at a time.


This is more easily accomplished if you have a skill mule:


1) Craft a character that has only GM swords, plus your current tactics and anatomy skill points.

2) Pile on 70 phys resist armor that you don't mind destroying

3) Turn yourself into a dog

4) Bring lots of potions


Then, just soulstone the desired skills over to your archer.


I think I had HP regen 24 or higher. It still took a while and I died a few times.


Edit: I might have used GM parry to extend my lifespan, also. I probably mixed it up with Earth Elementals and trolls on the lower levels.



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If I use a skill mule wouldn't I need to buy 2x the power scrolls?




I don't find skill mules too useful above GM levels unless the power scrolls are REALLY cheap. Generally, I find it to be a grind, and what I would do is stone EVERYTHING except archery, tactics and anatomy. Then, unlike most folks, I'll grind it. I like to "fight" my way to GM, but above that I prefer just grinding it to get it done. A golem is always my first choice. I have the option of logging onto my other account on the kid's PC, so I'll log in with my mule to repair the golem and save me some time.

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