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Fel Update: Deus Ex Machina Sky Forums

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Released Tuesday October 14th by Saga the owner of the Deus Ex Machina Forums.



"I've been toying with the idea of shutting down the site. ALREADY Issac has been removed as an admin of this site due to his inability to be loyal to his own guild mates.


I would like to personally apologize to Arwen, Strength, Choc, Drake, Bentley, and everyone else that was around when {X} was worth a damn, sadly enough it's now nothing more than a 19 year old sore that just never seems to heal.


It's a shame that such a great guild has been drug so thoroughly through the sewers by Issac.


BUT... I would like the opinion from everyone...."



What the forums are now....



"OK after a sudden UO reunion in vent with Arwen, Deacon, Puddles, Fred Bear, Lacrimo, and me of course.... And everyones feedback thus far.... Here is the future plans for the site.....



It's going to be a GAMING community site...... The header will be changing, so far I plan to put UO, and WOW on as sections, suggestions are welcome but if you make a suggestion be detailed as to what all will need to be added for me to set it up properly.


I will be asking for Moderators and these Moderators will need to have knowledge of the game they suggest.


Thanks for the feedback I've gotten so far."


Anyone interested in these forums visit: http://uodxm.net/forum/portal.php


The forums are owned and run by Saga. Registration is easy. if you have any suggestions for the forums let Saga know. For now I believe he is accepting any and all input for the forums.

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