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Million Dollar Checks Fall From The Sky

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Taken from Stratics main page




Posted on Monday, September 29, 2008, 9:17 AM EDT by Lady Lava (GreatLakes) .


Million Dollar Checks Fall From The Sky


Many weeks past I did an article on one of the older and previous main land owners in Luna named Rhen.


This past week I ran into Gold Matterson of Rhen and he was running all over the city of Luna dropping million dollar checks and other goodies on the ground as a final farewell. It appears he is closing his account and wanted a little exiting fun.




The bulk of his wealth went to a single player whom he thought enjoyed the game and had the spirit he once had. I am not sure of his total wealth but by the number of checks being dropped in Luna it seems he was a true Donald Trump. Both Rhen and Gold had multiple real estates.




Always community minded from his vendor shops to his short run auction house I was given a bag full of million dollar checks to help new players or host a player run event or contest. In his spirit I am accepting ideas so please PM me. I always tend to gear towards design or fashion contests but I am open to all suggestions.


Thank you Rhen and Company for everything you have done for Great Lakes !

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