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Seeking a guild on Atlantic

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Hey all -


I'd love to find a guild on Atlantic to hang out with. My primary characters are tamer/peacers and crafters (my favorite thing to do is run vendors, when I'm not taming stuff). I've got an elder mage and an elder archer/chiv as well (wow, forgot about her - I'll have to go play her one of these days!)


I left Atlantic in 07 to play with the now-defunct UOForums guild on Lake Austin, and moved back to Atlantic when most of UO:F moved to WOW. :P I'm a veteran player mostly looking for people to hunt with when the mood strikes, or to run a vendor mall with! hehe


Any ideas?? :)

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Hey Kit if you are looking for a good guild that has a lot of fun and does everything in the game from gardening to pvp to champ spawns to peerless then please apply with MSI. We have lots of fun and I know that you would fit in. If you are interested here is the link to the website.




If you want to apply I will sponsor you but please put Bouche as you sponsor. I can set a meeting up with some of the emmies if you would like.


And yes I said gardening. That is all they have talked about for the past couple of days in vent.

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Well I know we have a very large alliance, probaly ODE is the largest one in our allaince. but there are always people on to hunt with. We hunt alot of peerless also several players have vendor malls. We also have teamspeak that alot of us go on. If nothing else comes up and your interested just pm me I should be checking the forum out every night this week

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If you are into RP and such, shoot me a PM. Very well established RP guild with alliances/warring. But we are trammel safe. ARPC involvement... I will say, we are the bad guys * evil grin * but we are well established and very organized. We have a Luna * in the walls * vendor house, building a town/capitol outside of Minoc and probably the best GM I have ever worked with * i have played since '98 * Let me know.

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