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Fizzling curses still equate to skill gain in magic resist

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I'm sure a lot of ya know this, but I was casting curse spells with my mage who doesn't have any eval, on my other character, who has like 78 magic resist, and while I failed to actually curse Character B, he still would gain skill in Magic Resist. So even if you get the Fizzle indication, and no effect from using 1st circle curses, it is actually still being checked by Magic Resist. Just another late night...thing from me, lol. (have to do something while ya train up skills, haha)

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It fizzles because it is resisted.


As far as gaining Magic Resist, it's the same as some other skills, succeed or fail there is still a chance of gaining.


It's only the weaken, feeblemind, and clumsy spells that "Fizzle," and it isn't really a matter of being resisted or not, it has more to do with the flag system. For example, you can cast those 1st circle spells with 0 eval as I did and actually not flag gray while attacking guildies (or at least, in my experiments this became the case), but once you are flagged gray by direct attack, the spell will "successfully cast" every time. Either way, the spells don't really have much of an effect outside of perhaps a few seconds of 1% change, depending on race. The curse spell and other "curse" spells should never "Fizzle," whether resisted or not, outside these three spells.


Outside of the flag system, there are skill discrepancies, like, a caster with lower Eval wouldn't be able to bless someone who is already blessed by a caster with superior Eval (of course, that is the realm of buffs). With the Bushido trick, "Fizzling" is a sign of what I've assumed is the end of a skill gain period, but I'm curious if that is the case now.


The interesting thing, which is as old as the magery system, is that Magery alone can be quite useful without Eval. For example, the fact Magery's poison spell can break through 120 magic resist with no help from Eval Int (although, today's experimentation relies on Necro abilities more so than Eval for most of the popular curses). Thus, I assume it would be possible to continue gaining resist just from someone with magery casting curses on you. Poor Eval :)


My favorite way to gain used to be Ophidians back in the day, then of course there were the very old ways such as firefields, later "upgraded" to other types of fields, and then the Bushido trick and of course the Spectrals in New Haven. An interesting note about pets is the new all follow command allows the macro junkie to All Kill All Follow targets, letting them pelt pets without incriminating boats or other sorts of "trapped situations," which I've found quite handy. Although, a Lady Mel run will raise a Greater Dragon's Magic Resist just as well.

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When it comes to raising pet resist, do the following:


1) Obtain and wear a cloak of corruption until you reach negative karma.

2) Go to the Ilsh Lord Oaks spawn with your dragon

3) Hide/stealth. Drag your dragon all around the area until it has a bajillion faeries casting on it. (All follow, obviously)

4) Wait


This requires the occaisional heal. Be quick about it!



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Pretty sure I've gone to GM and above using nothing but Magery (stoned from diff char, casting on self).


Fizzled with curse after getting at or around 75-80ish Resist. Feeblemind, weaken, and clumsy fizzled earlier, but all still gave skill gain opportunities in Resist.


Also, pretty sure I did it with just the 1st circle spells using human JOAT 20 Magery.

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