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UOForums Reverted a few hours

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UOForums had to move to a different server outside of the Houston area due to Hurricane Ike damage last weekend. This is why the UOForums were down. About one day of information/posts prior to the power outage was lost. Coincidentally, a (daily) backup was running when the power went out in Houston, but could not be used apparently.




At 09:32 AM ET on September 15th, UOForums also needed to revert (load from a new backup) information/posts. So a few hours of information/posts were lost.


All seems good now! I have to hand it to Adam (UO Forums Owner and Lead Administrator) to be able to move the UOForums service to a new server so quickly and minimize information loss. Such moves are complicated and successful at best, or have recurring troubleshooting problems at worst. It seems we are in the "best" category with UOForums.


We've all seen other forum services not easily succeed in server transfers or recover from hardware failures; months of information gets lost. I for one appreciate the online service integrity, reliability, and availability that UOForums provides for us. *Thanks Adam! Nice recovery!*


-- Player behind Winfield

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