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We need a new competition or event.

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Hmmm how about a treasure hunt?


Funniest Captions

Some one to design us a new anniversary banner (2-3) winners, since some people might have better photoshop skills then others. Then set it to rotate.


Can get that Bikini Picture Contest going for that Calendar Adam owes me :P

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Actually we could build a screen shot calender. I'd buy one. :P


Too bad we couldn't have a UOF meeting, but getting everyone together would be difficult to say the least lol. Wonder if we could invite the community for a chat, like they have in IRC? Let people know we play nice and share our toys with others lol.


Trying to have an organized event in game is hard. Not everyone plays UO still, and the time zone differences are huge.


A character look-alike contest? That was done before, and some of the results were pretty nifty.

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Idea #1


If you could get some people to volenteer for you to be the "Hiders", like staff members and such to log into UO across various shards to be a UOF Scavenger hunt. The Hiders would have books with "Passwords/Codewords" that would be needed to be considered for the prize. Once X amount of people are found (however many you get to hide) the hunters would then PM the PW/CW's to Adam.




We give them clues here on the forums or even have WRR help us out by getting lots of people the information.


Hint 1: This hint will give you the information of what Shard the "Hunt Item" is on.


Hint 2: This will give you and Idea of who you are looking for weather it be a UOF Legend or something about UOF. (Ex: A character named DiP, Maddux, Gnomy, Adam, Adri, Snuggs, etc.. as forum legends. A character named Arcade, Area 51, Jokesstuff, etc..)


Hint 3: Would give you an idea of what the character would need in order to receive the PW/CW. Like Hint 1 reveals "Origin", Hint 2 reveals "Arcade", Hint 3 would be like an in game gameboard.


Hint 4: This would give a clue as to where they are hiding. For example perhaps the Arcade would be hiding at the old Nightmare Casino or something.


Just an idea *Shrugs*.




Idea #2


A UOF Wallpaper Contest, have people take a stab at making a UOF desktop wallpaper :) *shrugs*.




Idea #3


Funny caption contest, either get a snapshot from UO or any of the games that UOF has forums too. Then have people make up funny captions for the snapshot. Then have a vote on who has the funniest caption.


This could be done many different ways, You can have the players get the snapshots and make the captions. Or you can get the snapshots yourself Adam and then have us try to caption it. Something along those lines.



Ok that's all I got for now I'll keep thinking though Adam.

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An arm flexing competition??? J/K, we don't want Dip to win!!!


We could do a mini Olympics kinda thing. Have several events with multiple prizes??? Best Wall Paper, best Forums Sig, best Ultima related story (something to keep with the lore of the land.) That way you don't leave out people who suck at graphic art(me) or art (me) or writing (not me). Just an idea. =)

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We could do a mini Olympics kinda thing. Have several events with multiple prizes??? Best Wall Paper, best Forums Sig, best Ultima related story (something to keep with the lore of the land.) That way you don't leave out people who suck at graphic art(me) or art (me) or writing (not me). Just an idea. =)


Not bad ideas. Except maybe instead of Ultima related story, make a character related story. That way anyone can use a character from WoW, AoC, whatever.

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I like the Calendar and Screen Capture ideas as these can be for any game.


I would recommend a minimum of 5 entries though so we dont get people sending a screenshot in of some obscure game no one else plays :P


Oh and NO freeshard entries :)


I always fancied a back pack art contest for UO,as I saw one of these done a few years back and it was fun.

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What about a cross-country horse race?


1. Must be done on a regular horse. No other mounts allowed.


2. Unknown check points along the way. You do not check in, you do not qualify at the end.


3. If possible, covering all three facets or if need be one seperate on for Felucca for those not wishing to gamble and so that "reds" have a chance for a race too.


Plus one of my very favorite events that was hilarious but yes, would have to be held in Felucca and that is "Chicken Fights". Special rules etc. needed for this one. If interested I can give you details too!


Costume party with scavenger hunt at the end?


Just a few ideas

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Do you mean in-game or something out of the game?


A screenshot calendar could easily be created and even be distributed online (there are online photo services offering calendars). You just would have to collect good (and I mean GOOD) screenshots. Meaning, pictures of epic events, of things most people remember, of events that happened on all shards (like the Shadowlord Invasion).


There are a lot of in-game events I can think of. I have a long list of events I plan to do with the United Pirates of Catskills (I won't go into details yet). You can check the UP website for ideas:


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I like the UOF Olympics idea so I'm going to expand on it a little bit.


Event 1: The Captionvolt


In this event a few snap shots will be provided from multiple games UO/AoC/WoW/etc.. and it will be the competitors job to Apply a funny/witty caption to the group of pictures (1 caption submitted per snapshot). And then a panel of judges will vote on who made the funniest "Collective" captions. The competitor would be required to provide a caption for each snapshot provided an whoever makes up the most over all funny captions will win the event.


Example: Competitor one makes a really funny captions (According to the judges) to 4 of the 6 snapshots provided and Competitor 2 makes really funny captions to only 2 of the 6 snapshots. There for competitor one is the winner cause they got the most collective "Lols" so to speak :P.



Event 2: Wall (paper) Climbing


In this event those with graphic arts talents will be able to create up to 3 submissions of a UOF themed wallpapers for the desktop. A selected panel of judges would then select what one they liked best. (Placed a limit on the number of submissions a contestant can submit to limit the time needed for judging.)



Event 3: The Grand Ban


In this event once again graphic arts takes effect here as the competitors will be creating a new banner for UOF (A max of 3 submission per competitor). Once again to be voted upon by a panel of judges.



Event 4: Slogan Toss


This event requires the writing creativity of competitors to try and come up with a slogan for UOF. You would be allowed to submit 3 slogan that would then be voted on by a panel of judges.



Event 5: Roleplay Meter Dash


Within this even you can write a role play story that can be of any one of your characters in any game you play that UOF Supports a forum for (UO/WoW/AoC/Etc..). The stories would then be voted upon by a panel of judges.



Event 6: The UOF Scavenger Hunt


In this event you'll be required to find pictures, words, or something within a post made at least 1 week b4 the contest began.


Example of what I mean:


Item 1: Find and link to me someone's profile that has and avatar with an animal in it (Submitting yourself will be a disqualification).


Item 2: Find and link to me a forum members profile that has the color green in their sig.


Item 3: Find and link to me a post that has a picture of a penguin in it somewhere.


Item 4: Find and link for me a game in the arcade that has a bunny in it.


Stuff like that and obviously before the staff/judges would send you off to look for the stuff they would make sure it exist somewhere on the forums. After completing the list they would then PM the list of links to Adam or whoever is selected to judge the event.



Just some ideas do with them what you wish Adam :).

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