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as reported by teeshy here


UoForums url ARE allowed in game.


Ok, after several discussions between various folks of higher pay grade than me, we've hashed out the following (and yes, this will be in the FoF as well for wider distribution.)



Thankyou Jeremy for sticking with this and thrashing it out with the higher ups.


Also thanks to the Stratics Mods for allowing the thread over there to reach a positive conclusion,despite all the obvious trouble making that went on.


Thanks to all the great ideas and suggestions that were put forward also.


Thanks also to any of you that sent in emails.Hopefully it kept 'Bob' busy :work:


It was a really good topic to debate,added to which a LOT of the community got behind in a positive way,:protest: and made themselves heard loud enough to effect a change to the policy.


Well done to everyone.:eusa_clap:


THIS is the kind of spirit that keeps UO alive,alive -oh :hahaha:


[sorry Adam, I had to have a splash of colour there :P]

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