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If you have the talisman on you have to adjust your base slighlty higher to stay in the optimum range.


So the answer is yes and no.


No slower, if you make something slightly higher in skill level than you normally would.


Yes slower, if you continue to make things in your base skill level.


If in doubt ... only wear the talisman when crafting for exceptional bonuses or better chances for enhancement and remove the talisman when you are skill gaining.

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Guest athos_uo
When I'm training up skills, does having a talisman equipped make a difference in the skill gains? I.E. having a talisman with a tailoring bonuns while training tailoring adjusts the difficulty of the item I'm making, thus slowing the skill gain.

No. Equipping talismans has nothing to do with gaining skills.


Cf. my articles.

- The Talisman bonus and the skill gain

- The difference of the chance of skill gain between success and failure in making items by crafting

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Guest athos_uo

Sorry, I must add one thing - this is a hypothesis induced from my experiments.


It was once otherwise explained in FoF(April 20, 2007):

"Does equipping a +success chance talisman change your rate of skill gain?"

For difficulty-based skills, including the crafting skills, it does - it can actually affect it either way. Your skill gain in these skills is dependent on your success chance for each action - you have a better chance of gaining if the action is neither too easy nor too hard. So anything that changes that chance of success, including talismans and +skill jewelry, will change the rate at which you gain skill.

FoF:April 20, 2007


This explanation was against my results and I thought devs were mistaken and posted it on Stratics. Jeremy replied to me that my results be a statistical error.


Stratics supports devs explanation.


Japanese players believes us(I and another player did tests separately and got the same results).

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