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Rank Doom Artifacts from Best to Worst

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This cannot be done.


It's all dependent upon individual needs and circumstances.


Let's take an artifact most people don't like: The Voice of the Fallen King.


If you combine that with the Bracelet of Health, the Crimson Cincture, and the Totem of the Void, it gives you HP Regeneration of (is it 1 or 2 on the Cincture? 2 I think) 19.


Now suddenly the Voice doesn't look so useless.


The least commonly used Doom arti, hands down, is the Holy Knight's Breastplate. And even that one, I still see on occasion.


-Galen's player

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I could definitely see the dragon slayer, although I am tempted to use mine to go try to get some barbed hides for my tailor.... problem is, as is the case with all the doom arty weapons, I have a nicer sword that is a dragon slayer with decent mods that only cost me 50K.


I've used the Voice of the Fallen King on my dexer from the beginning, coupled with the bracelet of health. Those are in the top half for me. I think the Holy Knight's Breastplate is a resounding winner for worst doom artifact.

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Holy Knight's in a landslide...totally, utterly, completely, fantastically useless piece of dog doo doo. Even noobs don't wear it lol. Dragon slayer right behind. I'm not big on the Helm of Insight either as it is non-meddable. Most useful...Orny, HOTM, Jackal's are my favorite drops. For a specialized template, the Midnight Bracer's are nice...they were my first ever Doom drop.

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I'd think Holy Knight's, Frostbringer, Bonecrusher, Legacy of the Dread Lord, Ornate Crown, Berserker's maul and Aegis are all totally rubbish. Time has just passed them all by, and they need to be removed or upgraded to be useful again.


As for the absolute worst... probably the breastplate.


On the upside, best ones would be Ornament and Jackal's.

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I'd think Holy Knight's, Frostbringer, Bonecrusher, Legacy of the Dread Lord, Ornate Crown, Berserker's maul and Aegis are all totally rubbish. Time has just passed them all by, and they need to be removed or upgraded to be useful again.


As for the absolute worst... probably the breastplate.


On the upside, best ones would be Ornament and Jackal's.


i pretty much agree with this. i feel like the frostbringer is worst one, but all good choices here.

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I'd disagree on the Aegis, it's by no means totally useless. Yes there are better things out there, but compared to the other items you mentioned, it is easily above them. JMO.


In addition to having better things out there anyway (as you mentioned), the main problem I have with the Aegis is the 90 str requirement. It just makes it that much less useful for anyone without high magic resist.

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Well...since no one "actually" did the TC's request...here it goes....


These rankings on their usefulness as a whole to their template.


From Best to Worst:

1. Ornament of the Magician (This is obvious)

2. Shadow Dancer Leggings (surprised? 40 skills points/60 resists)

3. Jackals Collar (again...obvious....15 dex is hard to pass up)

4. Armor of Fortune (the 40 LRC is nice...but 15 DCI puts up here)

5. Hat of the Magi (I actually think this is a little overated...)

6. Spirit of the Totem (20 Str...and 15 HCI...Thank You)

7. Hunters Headress (20 Skill points...8 Dex...15 HCI... :) )

8. Midnight Bracers (If Sampires get nerfed... this goes down)

9. Ring of Vile (15 HCI...8 dex.......20 PR..6 SR...very nice)

10. Staff of the Magi (Staff of Pryos ruined this)

11. Bracelet of Health (Very Underated)

12. Arcane Shield (15 DCI with FC and SC?...ummm.. :D )

13. Breath of the Dead (..100 LL...chuggin Sampire anyone )

14. Helm of Insight (23 mana...2 MR... 8 LMC... not bad)

15. Leggings of Bane (The HCI is too good to list low)

16. Voice of the Fallen King (underated because of Jackals)

17. Aegis (Not as bad as people think)

18. Ring of the Elements (The new luck jewelry screwed this)

19. The Dryad Bow (Fast...even better if it has good skill)

20. Legacy of the Dread Lord (This used to be Godly)

21. Divine Countenance (Again...used to be Godly)

22. Serpents Fang (Area Spells are annoying in PvP now)

23. The Taskmaster (Pre Patch is much higher)

24. Tunic of Fire (Overated)

25. Axe of Heavens (Good but too slow)

26. Blade of Insanity (eh...never liked it)

27. Dragon Slayer (Decent..but the new Dragons End is better)

28. Beserkers Maul (if SSI hadnt been nerfed...this is top 10)

29. Gauntlets of Nobility (lol...most wierd piece ever...)

30. Frostbringer (dispell Revnants? lol)

31. Ornate Crown of Harrower (Looks cool I guess)

32. Bonecrusher (10 Str are all that makes it better the HKB)

33. Holy Knights Breastplate (10k points Spring Cleaning)

If this Arti could talk it would say:

Dear UO...Thank you for making the most useless piece of crap..unfortunetly...this piece of crap is me...

*sad panda face*

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I like that you gave the shadow dancer legs some love. From a usefulness standpoint, every thief needs these on their template. Period.


I'm gonna push for the blade of insanity for any warrior training. That weapon alone in Doom took me from 80 to 120 in Swords and Tactics. It's fantastic for any amount of training and great to take to Doom if you're getting your skills up. It virtually insures 1000 hits in an hour or two against upper level boss/monsters which means your skills will fly up really fast. For usefulness in any midranger warrior template and for anyone working on training swords, this is a must. Ensures fast gains. Once skills are maxed though, it's not nearly as useful.


Gauntlets of Nobility I would also place a little higher only because of the 20% damage increase. Gauntlets of Nobility are to Stormgrip what Voice of the Fallen King is to Jackal's Collar in my opinion. Good to have em starting out because they're cheap, but upgrade as soon as you can to something nicer.


~Gaspar LeMarc

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Worst..... I'd have to go with counting the ones you can get by doing the Gauntlet.. not the ones you can supposedly steal or whatever..... I'd say I rank the silly Dragon Lance as The WORST.... (By the way before the changes that's the one and only artie I had EVER gotten and that was SEVERAL years after Doom started.... not long before the changes went into effect)... Anyway... after that I'd say the Aegis shield, Bone Crusher, devine countendance, Legacy of the Dread Lord, Tunic of Fire, Voice of the Fallen King, Ornate Crown (Only because I RP good and that thing is soo hideously ugly I'd never wear it)..., Arcane Shield (because alot of others are FAR better), and the Frostbringer (even though I'm an archer this bow stinks) are the worst..... (I didn't mention the Holy KNights because as an RPer the Holy Knights is "dress uniform" worthy but that's it's only quality)


Now as for the ones I am Happy to get, That would be the Orney for sure, Armor of Fortune, Spirit of the Totem, Jackles, midnight Bracers, Hat of the Magi, Ring of the Vile, Shadow Dancers, Leggings of Bane, and Hunters Headdress.... I always enjoy...


As far as those I didn't mention.... they are fine when I get them... But they aren't something I shout Horray about or curse if I get them...

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All of these were designed in a different time (pre-AoS), so the dev team had no idea what a good item would be. Heck, even later artifacts they developed are problematic (Horselord). I still think many of the minor artifacts are better than the dregs of this list.


I tried to make a list, but it was difficult. It is difficult to compare jewelry (most of the jewelry are really good) to armor (there are good pieces and chaff) to weapons (many are good in some situations, rest are garbage). So I broke them down.



1. Ornament of the Magician

2. Ring of Vile

3. Bracelet of Health

4. Ring of the Elements


All of these are really good. I have real versions of most of them, and a few backup cursed ones I use on Trammel characters (though they borrow the real ones for some situations).


Armor and Shields:


1. Jackals Collar

2. Armor of Fortune

3. Hat of the Magi

4. Hunters Headress

5. Spirit of the Totem

6. Shadow Dancer Leggings

7. Midnight Bracers

8. Arcane Shield

9. Helm of Insight

10. Voice of the Fallen King

11. Aegis

12. Leggings of Bane

13. Divine Countenance

14. Gauntlets of Nobility

15. Tunic of Fire

16. Ornate Crown of Harrower

17. Holy Knights Breastplate


I'm still not sure I like this order completely, but I do think 1-3 are great, 4-8 are good, 9-15 may fit some sets, 16-17 are RP decorations at best.


I had too much trouble with the weapons. Dragon Slayer and Bonecrusher do end the list, but the others are harder to place. I have used a Blade of Insanity and do like it, but if I got another in Doom, I wouldn't be crazy happy. The Fang and Taskmaster are interesting, but I'd still rather use a nice runic weapon. Staff of the Magi would probably top the list. I use Pyros or Swords of Prosperity and the Staff at different times, and it is nice to have a few good mage weapons.

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I thought Doom was introduced with the AOS launch?


It Was introduced with AoS, but was "designed" prior to the launch of AoS.


I think the worst thought through design has to be the Dragonlance. It is slow, does not hit well and both of the special moves are strictly PvP. One of them is dismount. Ever have to dismount a dragon? lol..It really made me wonder if the designer of that weapon ever played UO.

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funny the first doom artis i remebmber geting were midnight bracers and hunter headress,now i only get a lot of megacrap,but at least its good training for pets :laugh:


And yeh i remember right staff of pyros also has -0 magery wep and its worth like 200K last time i checked,which leaves staff of a magi in a kinda bad position,you can pay 2M or spend ages in doom,or pay 200K for almost same thiing...uh,lemme think.. :'(

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The undead slayer property on the Staff of Pyros is a bit of a downside IMO. Having that thing in your hand makes you more vulnerable to all repond creatures.


Personally I prefer the Staff of the magi not only for that reason, but also the damage spread and 50% DI.


Not to derail the thread completely, but has anyone actually managed to get a Staff of Pyros to work? Work as in cast the supposed trail of flames like the light daemons did? (same thing with the vorpal blade, never gotten any special effects from either, nor seen or heard of anyone who has)

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