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Inscription skill gain question

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Recently I've started working up my inscription skill again on my mage. Currently he is at 91.5 and the gains have really slowed down (like .01 every couple hours). I'm using the suggested skill training guide over at uoguide.com which lists making flamestrike scrolls until 94.


So my question is, does inscription normally slow down to this rate in the 90's (gains are always streaky, by slow down I'm speaking in general terms) or should I following another method for gains?

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BOD books and spellbooks are a good option as well at that level if cost isnt important to you. I got a ton of gains off them in the 90's and was fortunate enough to be able to sell them on my vendor. spellbooks got trashed or turned in at library unless they were desired slayers. Remember until you hit gm you can only get 2 properties on your books.

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