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UOForums Running Okay?

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Has anyone else noticed if UOForums is running okay today?


I checked other sites on the net and everything seems to be normal, with the exception of UOF. For the past several hours, UOF has been slow... sometimes a little slow, and other times very slow to respond.


Anyone else having this problem?

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It's the credits system that's slowing everything down

Due to the sheer number of forums I've marked as "Don't count credits in this forum", it's slowing the forum down a hell of a lot, as well as increasing the CPU/Memory load like crazy.

Gonna wait till I get a response from the developers before enabling it.

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Maybe if you put a couple simple lines of code in the gold system it'll work without a hitch. Try something like:


IF Forum Poster = DiP THEN give DiP gold


IF Forum Poster = Anyone but DiP THEN no gold for you!

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