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I created a play test char on test center just to see how tough I could make one. He had 70s in everything. He had 100% DI and Legendary in every warrior skill. Maces, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Parry and Bushido.


An Oni killed me in 5 hits (not kidding) with hardly any damage to him. Are these impossible to take on one-on-one? Made me look like an Ettin next to a GM warrior and he was 120 in everything.


Doesn't really make me look forward to spending the next year beefing up my char just to face something like that. lol!


[EDIT] Also mentioning... he had 20 Hit Point Regeneration, 150 STR and 135 DEX with 30 INT.

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I do have a character who I use to farm oni on occasion.


When I did it, he had this template:

115 mace

100 tactics

100 bushido

100 parry

100 necromancy

110 spirit speak

And about 75 chivalry


I used wraith form to fight in, and curse weapon to heal myself. I fought in the darkwood suit for hit point regeneration and defense chance increase. I had 20% damage increase on both my ring and bracelet (as well as +skill gains).


There are surprisingly few things in game that a wraith form character have trouble killing, and those only because you can't run away to heal (paragon balrons, for example) as the monster moves faster than your running speed.

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Onis aren't all that hard really, seems like you were extremely unlucky and/or used some completely wrong moves and tactics. Or possibly a wrong weapon type for macing, even?


Since you had bushido and parry, evasion should've let you stand toe-to-toe somewhat easily while honoring the Oni and lightning striking the bejesus out of it. With some unlucky hit/spell combo you might have to break off to heal, but all in all they're far from impossible.


EDIT: oh yeah, maximum DCI would've gone a long way to help with the fight

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EDIT: oh yeah, maximum DCI would've gone a long way to help with the fight



As Adrianna notes, DCI is often more important than HPR in this situation. Good HPR is useful, but if you get hit...:P all the HPR in the world won't save you. Onis hit real hard. I'll try to get the base damage of one and do some calculations for you in a sec, OP.

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Okay, the Oni I lored has 831 STR and a base damage of 14-20. It won't often have 100 tact and 100 anat, but if it did, it would do anywhere from 20-29 damage a hit against 70 resists, in melee. Also, it is weakest to cold damage, so you would want to focus on using a weapon that does primarily cold damage.


Hmm. A fully trained dolphin would do 2-4 damage a hit in melee. Interesting, this one has 110 mana ;D. And 75 dex...must be hard to move in water though, it had 74/75 stam.


As a side note, the thing I find hard about fighting Oni is that a few of the weapons they use do not have sounds! I am too used to listening to my attacker's sound to know whether i am hit or not, and sometimes the Oni's weapon is stealthy.

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