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* VERY LONG POSTS* Jeremy, An Idea, For duping Announcement

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Although there has been no response [yet] official or otherwise about this from EA,on this subject, I feel it necessary to inform other players [ aside from those that read Stratics] to give as many players as possible a heads up on the HUGE amount of ' duping etc ' that is currently going on in the game.


We see 'returning players' weekly,and eager to update their items,they are the ones most likely to be caught out by this current problem.

My reporting of this is there fore mainly to inform them of the situation,and reiterate to others to be extra vigilent at this moment in time about what you buy and from whom.


I have set each long post out as a seperate entry,so as the thread gets up dated ,you can select 'view first unread' at each revisit.


Thanks for reading and please make sure your guild members know of this.

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RavenWinterHawk began this particular thread with the following post





So plenty of people are saying they are being banned for buying a few duped hammers. Maybe true, maybe not true.

Maybe they meant to say I DUPED a few hammers instead of bought. Im sure everyone will express their opinions.

Should it be 3 hammer, 5 hammers, 1 hammer a week, 10 in total for buying that gets you duped.


What if you bought it but didnt use it.

What if you bought it but gained nothing.

What if you bought a bunch really early but didnt get caught but bought 1 yesterday and are snagged.


You see how paranoia will flood the playerbase.


Yes yes. we all know dont by duped stuff. Perhaps EA can begin to inform us what is duped.


"A large number of hammers are now on atlantic. They are dupes. Please dont buy them."

Wouldnt that be nice to see at EA sign in to the game?


That will never hurt legit players. They can hold there bods or reward till things are fixed. It would be an awesome format for communicating to your player base IMMEDIATELY. It kills rumors, speculation, and stops bitterness from forming.


Should players really be left to guessing. Is it one dupe that gets you banned , or 20 dupes. Maybe players are trying to figure out if it works and want to report it. Maybe they are cheats. Whats the number? Or is moving stuff around xsharding the ticket to banning. I guess its all of the above.


Its one thing when its an exploit that is obvious day one and abused for a week before the fix. I remember something that player could do to get GM items. Some hack. It was there for like 3 days and everyone in possession got hammered. Thats pretty obvious.


Its another thing when the exploit is around for months and slowly put into play.


Its another thing when the DUPERS say F-EA and F- all the players.


"we are putting out 1000's of hammers and kits. We duped so much and hid them so well, you cant catch us. Take what you see, search down your player base and screw them over for our cheating. You cant catch us."



That is what they did (atlantic side i think). I hope you do catch them all. Their hidden accounts or whatever they do. People here on the boards sure now their tricks, maybe you guys do too.


For me to think they can sit on stuff, get banned, and then open the other accounts later is sickening.




Mind boggling. Should the players buying the armor and weapon off the vendor that has 10 verites, be banned too. It is interesting, that no formal word from EA was around for the last weeks, to let players know whats up.


Well I know plenty of people that bought a hammer to complete their suit. I know plenty of people that upgraded their armor. I know entire guilds that have matching Sammie armor now. No not out of trying to screw the game but because they had something to do.


I know atlantic had thousands of valorite, verite, barbed, and heartwood kits or runic hammers, after some simple poking around.


Scripting or duping probably. (That one guy is always legit)


It might be nice to announce at log in. WAY IN THE BEGINNING.


"A new exploit is in progress. Purchasing any Verite Hammers or Valorite Hammers will put your account in jeopardy. Please reframe from buying while we secure the game world"



Now you can say after I started looking 2 weeks ago and could see tons of stuff around, HUGE EXPLOIT. You might not have been able to notice that stuff 4 weeks ago, but you could say SOMETHING IS GOING ON. In fact, people here new of it before any evidence was around maybe 2 months ago. People were warning of something and I was saying "nah it just old left over stuff from an IDOC". YET, NO word from EA at log in. Stratics is great but not every player comes here to learn. Were was EA's voice?


IS EA legal fearful? Why all the hush hush stuff?


My point.


It would hurt the dupers, save some of the damage by announcing what not to buy until the situation is remedied. Sort of a way to put a freeze on buying items. It might not be much but it could help.


Not communicating with the player base from the get go is really bad practice. Nothing from EA (at sign in) was going on. I shouldnt and players shouldnt have to rely on stratics for information. If it werent for stratics, I probably would have lost fortunes by now, been scammed, or bought that AN OLD RING for 2 million thinking it was an event rare. Inform your playbase beyond "oh its in the TOS". Not why youll be banned but what is going on in game.


I think there is a better way for EA to communicate exploit issues (with out giving away secrets) and perhaps save the game and players headaches.


Just a thought.


Really a warning system to let people know EA is on it. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water. Get the business dupers, not that poor player from EUROPA (unless shes a liar, but Ill believe her first). See what secrecy does. It turns the players on each other and on EA.


GET THE business dupers that are destroying our game. Once you fix the exploits you can patch the in game damage but you can fix the damage done to players.



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The replies mostly agreed with RavenHawk ,who felt further obliged to post


Its possible for players to have 10 or 20 verite hammers. I know I got several valorites and aggys from blackrock turn in. I was on origin.



What If I didnt sell them. I transfered a player back to atlantic. What if they were sitting in my box today.



What if If a legit player traded or bought up 5, 10 verites. Possible. 20 million each for last 6 months.


How long has this dupe been going on?

2 months at least, maybe more.



Maybe the 20 million for a verite was a dupe price, we just didnt know.




EA is slow to ban. Hopefully that means they were thoughtful about it.


If only there were tags on the hammers to know when you bought them, how much you paid.



If I have a handful of dupes and sell them for 30 million, 25 million, 20 million, 15 million and the last 5 for 10 million.


Who gets banned more, the guy that paid 10 million or 30 million. They all bought dupes.


SO EA, if you pay a whole lot for the dupe then are you okay? See my point. So if youre duped in buying the dupe is that worst then knowing something might be up but, there is no official word. Maybe the guy is quitting uo and selling out. Maybe hes liquidating. EA needs to beef up their part.


Here is how it gets more confusing for buying. The dupe on clothing with hoods. It was legal to buy and trade them. Illegal to make them. Confusing for the player base. Yet there was no word from EA.


EA please use the feedback here for developing a better system.


Its better to delete all the hammers then ban players for buying them.

Its better to ban the player with 50 valorite hammer bods the the guy with 6 valorite hammers.


You changed all the robes to monks robes. Do the same with the duped stuff and get the big guys.


Seriously, whats the loss if you remove all the verite and valorite hammers. Some gold. The legit guy that might have 5 of each. Yeah that would hurt but not as much as banning players that are (mostly) innocent. Im asking to make statements at log ins so player know 100% whats up and dangerous, get rid of the secrecy bs.


Remember it was legit to wear color hooded robes and buy and sell them. It was illegal to make them. People still wear and sell glacial pants. They sell for more then barbed kits. Its not a far jump to say well Im buying the hammer like the robe dupes.


Bring clarity to the player base by using the daily log-in statement.




If youre not caught duping, Holding 100 of of them or seen being given dozens of things to fence... I think EA is getting the wrong people.


Go the house and accounts with 100's of things stashed. DUPERS are put 20 duped items in an account they are putting 100's


Oh and delete them. Lets forgo the house idoc that release 20 vine cord sandals. OH I FORGOT you fixed them too.








that was until until Tomas-Bryce asked


Raven, why do you require EA to hold your hand? If I am not mistaken you were looking to buy these runics not so long ago even though you pretty much knew their was a dupe going on. I hope you took mind of my warning and did not go for it.


Yes, I agree that EA should not be all secretive about the presence of a dupe. However, I disagree that most people actually really need such a warning to do the right thing. The fact is that when certain people say that there is a dupe going on, rest assured that it is true. And we definitely did warn about it quite some time ago. So there were many warnings but yes, not an "official" one.




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Not hold my hand. [came the response]


Besides (you can see about the hooded robes)


And its not my hand.


Imagine how it would cut down on the hammers sold, if they made that statment. Its not my hand that needs holding. Not every player comes here. Did anyone pm me for the hammers no. NO cause my price was stupidly low.


Its like saying ILL BUY GOLD FOR .25 per million.


What did EA say nada. If I didnt come here and read your posts and learn from you about dupes, I WOULD HAVE SPENT MY GOLD at 15 million to 20 MILLION A VERITE HAMMER and been completely screwed. I learned what I learned here.



AM I sacrastic yes. Some of you may know that from my posts. Is my low by price for hammers, ANGER and SARCASM. Well thats for me to know.


NOT EVERY player comes here.


Brice you saved me my gold because I can read what you know, see whats in game, and buy or not buy accordingly.


You have saved me from getting into the rare event stuff and losing my shirt. I am waiting for post dupe events.


My ideas is for the player base.


I'm sure you and I have bought dupes before. Im sure we new things were up. I dont consider you anything but legit. I bought lots of hooded robes. And stuff. Granted I cant recall if that was before, during, or after EA said it was okay. Either way i paid my gold for duped stuff.


This game isnt about the cash duper and pure angel that does no game wrong. Its about the base of players in between and how the game is managed. How it effects them, and how EA deals and communicates issues. They can fix up their part.


I do thank you for your info. I would have slapped down gold on hammers, rares, and bought event stuff that was event stuff.


Im asking actually for EA to be more informative like you are and players here are.

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I wonder for how many years into the future people will continue to use blackrock hammers to rationalize.


Tomas-Bryce asked




and RavenHawk's response was


Think about this.

If they dont wipe the hammers. Which is fair in my opinion.

How many people will sell the dupe stashes for 25 million for years to come?


See the duper still wins.


How many event rares that are dupes will be bought and sold that didnt get removed for years to come.


Look at like this. What is in game is in game. Where it came from and the history is completely useless. NO ONE KNOWS.


EA can simply remove all hammers. All event items and all server births.

And start over. Or create a tagging system that works.


Then we wont have to say any of the above "for years to come."


Just because an exploit gets fixed today, players banned, but new verites come out next month... doesnt mean they arent dupes.


There are tons of event item and rares dupes. You taught me that. They really arent worth a lick, cause no one know where they came from or how many exists.


Everything should be removed.


EA needs to take control back of the game. Toss the exploiters. Remove the problem stuff and say we should of known, your out the gold, move on.



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Lots of very heated discussions over on Stratics, many locked or moved threads.... all looking pretty messy, I'm sad to say. One of the moved threads had a couple of posts by Jeremy, one of which included ;


Banning legitimate players unfairly tends to drive them and their friends away in droves, and that's no good either.


I'm not sure I count as a 'friend' to some of the Europa folks who have been banned recently, but I know for sure I trust them considerably more than I trust EA/Mythic to have got their investigations right. Currently, I'm almost certain my accounts won't be getting renewed.


We seem to have reached a point where it's unsafe to buy items, even those at pretty sensible and proportionate prices, for fear of them being dupes. Similarly picking up idoc items is too chancy if you value your account. Trading stuff between friends, to try out deco ideas or test suit/item combinations is now apparently risky. Presumably duped stuff is getting used as trade-ins on the collections, so (for me at least) the integrity of those is being tarnished.


When an 'online community game' hits that level of distrust, it's probably time to go. :sad11:

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The best way to be "forearmed" is to be "forewarned"

Why EA does not let us know that there is a serious dupe bug for items in advance always mystifies me.

Why they don't tell you there is an exploit that may make you lose your blessed items is beyond me. Yes, there will be people who use that information to exploit, therwe will be far less victims of these crimes if we were all well informed.

I remember there used to be a news page when we first opened up our UO before the login screen. It used to warn of serious problems. Why is that gone?

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Coranthe added her thoughts.


Raven - This is not a post against your idea, but rather a question for the whole community. Where the hell were all of you when others of us have BEGGED for communication from EA about other topics? I have been slammed numerous times for being too rough on Jeremy about her lack of communication. Look at all the threads about FOF each week. We have only one means of communication, here, these boards. I know you're saying they should use the login screens and they could, but we both know they won't. Even if they did, it would start out good and quickly come to a halt due to "lack of bandwidth". We just don't have a team that likes to communicate any more.



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I will end posting from this thread with a final post from Raven



For me it just dawned on me. Maybe Im late to the party. But when the majority of these boards get passionate, it tends to be when its a dupe and everyone accuses each other of stuff.


To me that speaks that EA has lost control of their game.


You cant blame anyone for buying an item from a vendor. PERIOD.


You all know me (here), so I knew what was up because I came here, so I am informed.


The players that dont come here dont know.

The player that just comes back doesnt know.



Here is a an example

Player X leaves for a while.

The game changes and arties drop more on dark fathers.

He want an orny and finds it is only 10 million.

DANG when he left, they were 25 million.


But they were also duped heavily.


So he buys one at 10 million. And goes on his way.



That player leaves again.

He comes back and see runic hammer cheap.

He buys them.



How is buying any different in these 2 cases to the uniformed player?


It isnt.


SO, here I am now saying, EA needs to use the LOG IN SCREEN as a form of communication.


IT IS NOT THE players responsibility to find out if an item being sold is fair or foul.



Here is an example

I got a magery scroll 120 for the default price of like 400 gold.

I bought a couple of practice weapons for 4000 gold. Probably missed priced at should have been 40k.

I put stuff on my vendor 100k when I meant a million.


Now your telling me PLAYERS have to go a figure out market value of items, mistakes, potential dupes, game play changes, before buying items.


(I know your not).


This is where I see EA stepping in and making changes.



AND CATCH the guy the works with them and stores the stuff.


Forget the buying. You cant buy what isnt exploited.


And you cant say "oh dont buy exploited stuff" until EA starts informing the ENTIRE player base of what to buy or not buy. And dont even let me get started on prices.


I mean


Can I go next week and by a barbed kit for 2 million or should I pay 3 million.


How about those heartwood kits I bought 3 months ago for 10 million and sold for 12 million. Should I have said scripter. DONT KNOW. Wasnt posted here on stratics.


I see them now for 13 million, is that safe.


There is a new event rare. Is that 1 of the 5 of the originals. Or 1 of the 1 in 250 dupes that didnt get removed.


Did you really find that in an IDOC or did you pop open your tucked away account?


I have no idea who lies and doesnt lie here. I go with truth first. And figure thats fine.


I am asking for EA to step up and bring their game to their game.


Seriously, I think if EA said.


Valorite hammers are being duped. Dont buy them. It would help. NOT FIX it. NOT save me. But help.


Let see goes to EA WEBSITE

adds line

RUNIC HAMMERS are being duped. Don't buy them.


10 minutes of EAs time






and this from Wilde1



I agree that EA should post a warning on the log in screen saying what is not safe to do or buy. Simple as that.


After 3 years with other games, I returned to UO a few days ago. I dont know what I can buy without getting in trouble. Thats just dumb.


As for the whole "being in possession of illegal goods" irl argument that some have referencd, that doesn't make sense. UO was intentionally designed for players to buy items from other players. Being banned for buying an item from a vendor is NOT like buying irl goods in a back alley from someones trunk. Its more like buying a lexus from the lexus dealer, then being told you somehow should have "known" it was a stolen lexus and getting thrown in jail for it.


EA would not have to discuss individual cases of pixellated property demolition or account banning in order to provide the players with a heads up while they sort it out.

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So - that non-cursed Ring of the Elements I bought a few months ago for 250K off a vendor that was selling cursed artifacts might not have been a mistake by the player, but a cleverly concealed dupe that I'm going to get banned for owning?


After maintaing two accounts for 10 & 7 years?


Goodbye, UO.



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I have to agree. If they know something is being insanely duped, there should be a warning of some kind somewhere that people would see. I don't want to buy something and support dupers or get banned for it. Yet if I don't know something is being duped, I would probably buy it if it was at a good price.

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