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If you're skill capped and have one skill at max (100,105,110,115,120, depending on the scroll you used):

1. set STR to up

2. set DEX or INT to down (depending on what you want to lose)

3. set the other one, DEX or INT to lock.

4. set the following skills to "up": Focus, tactics, weapon skill, parry, bushido, (other strength skills used in hunting).

5. go hunting. Results will come in quickly.



1,2,3: same as above.

4. work up 10 points of arms lore

5. set arms lore to down, taste ID to up.

6. work up 10 points of taste ID

7. set taste ID to down, arms lore to up

8. repeat steps 4-7 until desired result is reached


If you aren't skill capped, set dex and int to lock (or one to down if already stat capped) then work on resist (spellbinders in New Haven) or parry (sheep) for an hour.

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