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well just from the pic, I can see 3 single feathers, 3 piles of 2 feathers, one seed, 2 emeralds/topaz, head might be 2 piles of wool dyed black, the legs are either short or long pants dyed black, I think the tail is about 10 balls of yarn stacked on each other. I have no idea what the main body is made out of.

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I think the tail is 2 stacked bolts of cloth dyed black, but there is something on the top it looks like.


The back legs are the SE pants, ears look like boots, and the head & body are the 2 types of bagballs I think.


Voluptuous made that kitty in one of her adorable holiday houses from what I recall. I think she is still playing, and posting on Stratics. She would probably tell you how she made it. :)



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tail: 2 bolts of cloth and ball of yarn


legs: leather and cloth pants


head: bagball, tight boots, 2 emeralds, 9/10 feathers, pink seed.


body: I asume its wool stacked, but canalso be black leather wich is dye'd or bagballs aswell.

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