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Coming back to UO, have a skill gain question

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Hi all,


I have finally come to my senses and returned home to UO after more than 7 years. I was around way before Trammel and left just after the release of T2A. So, as you can imagine, I'm essentially new since UO has changed so drastically!


I have a couple questions on skill gain after reading through the skill guides on this site. I know the time between skill gains is now tracked and you are guaranteed a gain after some time... so does that mean that the 'power hour' and the 8x8 skill gains are no longer around?


I am by no means a hardcore power leveler, but I do like to efficiently skill gain and have yet to have these questions addressed in my research and patch note readings.


Thanks in advance for your time to help a fellow UOer.

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Yup, both Power Hour and 8x8 are gone (although some may say 8x8 still exists).


For skill gain, just grind away doing the skill over and over. Same old "tricks" still apply (dieing, toggling arrows, crossing server lines, doing the "Skill Gain Dance" IRL, etc.) whether you look at them as coincidence or not, the same practices are done.

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No more power hour, no more 8x8.

You just use skills to gain them. They gain fairly rapidly too. Once you hit GM, you can use a powerscroll to gain higher, up to 120. Over GM is harder to gain.

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It is worth noting that the no-skill-gain in houses has also been eliminated. Similarly, the anti-macro code has been removed. This is the code that used to prevent you from getting gains using the same object over and over.


It is again possible, for example, to GM arms lore using a single dagger or to GM poison by poisoning the same apple over and over.



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There is a new training technique: Discorded Training. There's a creature (I think it's the Satyr) in the Twisted Wield that will Discord you which drops all your skills and resists by up to 28%. The lower the skill, the faster it raises.


It's not aggressive so you have to attack it then lose the aggro and follow it so you don't the Discord.

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