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Oh! A treasure room will be fun now.. with the stranger gems & the different gems you can mine up. I think the old school wood & gold chests would look best (as opposed to paragon chests) or the little metal strong box chests. Gold bricks of course. Necklaces look cool strewn about. Gold scales. A goblet or two. A sword. An axe. A teakwood tray. You have to throw in a skull too.


*eyes glaze over*



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As mentioned, just take stacks of 6 gold & silver coins (smallest amount to make a "pile") and lock them down one at a time and raise them until you are happy with the arrangement. Silver coins are faction currency. Don't forget the gold bricks minor artifact. I like to use nox crystals (necro reagent) as well - yeah cut emeralds as big as your head, really!! You can pile metal and wooden chests around too.


Here is a simple treasure pile as an example.





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