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Hello there !


I've some screenshot of the battle :


The begining, before the first battle :




The fortifications was broken by Rebels then our melee warrior charge :




The battle is over, we win :




The Rebels attack again :




One more time, after the reply of archers, the melee warriors charge :




The Rebels are defeated :




After the second battle :




I want to thanks everyone who participated to that battle. It was a really good event !


If you are in need of screenshot, there is the Gazette of Skara Brae and "La Plume d'Or" in the French official fansite of UO :

Ultima Online - JeuxOnLine, le réseau des MMORPG


UO - La Plume d'Or - Ultima Online


The both are in French but if you need screenshot you can find some there. But the event are often related some times after it happened.

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