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Hi, I proudly wore the blue of a Britannia Guard a long time ago... We're probably talking... Ooh... Six years, here. I see there's been recent activity here so I presume you're still going. I wonder if any of my old Trinsician muckers are still involved... Has anyone heard of, or know what became of, such characters as Brown Moses, Wildcat, Raistlin and my personal favourite Igneous Neo?





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Of course. :)


I remember all of them. I served with Raistlin in the Clerical Order for a long time, and met Igneous when he return to UO a couple of years ago. Kari, did you play a cleric? I think I can remember your name popping up in various books and lore I've read.


You should get in touch with us again. April next year, the Britannia Guards will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, which makes us one of the oldest role-playing guilds on the shard. We're pretty active, and there's a new border wars scenario coming up. If you want to say hello, you're more than welcome to pop by.


My ICQ is 250836370.

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Yeah, I played a cleric. I think the head of the division at the time was Wildcat's IC husband, whose name escapes me. Recently punched my avatar's name into Google to see if there was any mention of her still floating around the 'net but all I found was a Darkcloak's account of a pretty poor showing from me in an inter-guild fighting tournament :D


It could be cool to have a wander around Britannia again. Had lengthy stints on Anarchy Online and World Of Warcraft but Ultima just had that Bisto-thick atmosphere, y'know? I'll have a think about dusting off my old account (I presume you still need to pay?) and get in touch on ICQ if I decide to join the fray again for a wee while :) Do you still get a decent-sized crowd on UO these days?

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I think most of the old lore went missing when our old boards, the Forums4Games collapsed. You might have known the boards as The Guildhall.


Unfortunately you still have to pay for UO, but due to the weak dollar at least I have no regrets about it. :) Obviously, the UO crowd is smaller now than earlier, but there's still a few people about. LB's not doing great, but the upcoming scenario should be very fun.


There is a weekly in-character newspaper which can help you get up-to-date on things. It can be found here on UOForums at:



There is also a community wiki with information on guilds, people, characters, storylines and what not. It can be found here:

Main Page - MoongatesWiki


I hope to hear from you soon!

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