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OK...not sure I am quite "done" with this kitchen & pantry but I am happy with how this is turning out, and so is the castle owner! Many thanks to Ashyn (Bordoms) who posts on Stratics, for the inspiration to chop everything in site, and to Petra Fyde for posting the example of using the aquarium vacation food disk for the stew contents. Because this was a classic house, it sometimes made me want to pull my hair out getting things in place by taking advantage of the unusual properties of "breaking" and raising/lowering sections of many add ons which clever decorators have discovered and shared over the last few years, but with patient use of goza stairs, table, & artifact book stacking, and much experimenting of chopping, it finally it came together.


The moral of this story is that just because you have a classic house and are not able to access custom house tiles, don't think you can't create something unique.


The piece covering the butcher's block island in the middle of the kitchen is actually a piece of rubble. Ironically, although the owner had a number of nice rubble counter pieces which I thought would be ideal, they simply would not work as they "sunk" and messed things up no matter how I tried to support them. So, I went with chopped elven tables instead for my counter surfaces, and I liked the look even better.





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