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Scavenger Hunt - Blue Light Tavern 07.02.08

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Starting 8 est.


You guys are in trouble! A location scavenger hunt not for the faint of heart! Not only do you have to figure out the location BUT you have to figure out my rhyming!


Points will be awarded as follows:


2 points for each correct answer written in the book.

1 point for retrieving the blue lantern from each location (only one lantern per location.. so.. first one there gets the extra point)


10 points for books turned in by 8:30, 5 points for books turned in by 9:00.


Of course, there is a prize for the winner but the best prize is deciphering my prose correctly (bragging rights)! They don't call me The Misunderstood Muse for nothin'!


If you're not into the adventure thing, swing by anyway! Abi (the bad Abi) and I (the good Abby) will be hangin' out at The Blue Light for a while serving drinks & gettin' gossip!!!

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